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    Really, really not a music kind of guy. I can't play it for shit. I failed music in year 9 because I thought I could play a kiddies tune with a twist and the teacher wouldn't notice. I failed in the first like 5 seconds and got stopped oops. Would love to see this at the airport on holiday though, even with all the piss heads I go with. It's like ... relaxing. He's a pro musician apparently but still.
  2. A re-imagining of a scene from A New Hope. Not bad for an amateur try
  3. Charlie


    I would have higher rating than @Rogan if it was working on Legacy. Just saying.
  4. I've played KOTOR and KOTOR2. Both are great games but they haven't aged well Also tried the MMO The Old Republic or whatever it's called but I couldn't get in to it. I would honestly love I brand new KOTOR3. Single player. Story driven etc etc. Heck even a remake of the first two akin to Resident Evil. I can vaguely remember Outcast. Is that where you played the Jedi? If it was I loved the combat. Remake this one too! I played the old Battlefront II but never in multiplayer.
  5. Charlie

    Easter Event

    Hiding and seeking It will be on the Pro mod (sorry Legacy guys ), and one team will seek and one will hide. The seekers (Axis) will only be armed with a single luger + knife while the hiders (Allies) will have no weapons. Seekers win when all hiders are dead. Hiders get a roughly 30-60 second grace time to hide at the start of each map. It goes without saying thee are several custom maps/scripts for this. Something like that
  6. Didn't think much of episode 7. Never watched episode 8. Apparently the main villain for the upcoming film will be ... Emperor Palpetine/Darth Sideous, according to the director. Hence his little giggle at the end of the trailer. He hinted at cheating death in the prequels but comon The trailer for fallen order looks decent but I'll hold off buying it until reviews come in. I just don't trust EA with a video game any more. Especially when it'll probably cost £50 at launch, required to be online, and need 10 dlc totalling another £200 to make the game feel complete.
  7. Charlie

    Devil May Cry 5

    No lie. I didn't know there was more difficulties than the basic 3 you start with so being the pussy I am I went with the easiest (human). In Devil Hunter mode I can't beat the last 2 levels without dying and reviving with a gold orb no matter how hard I try. I won't move on unless I can beat them properly My ET skills eclipse that of DMC. Says something.
  8. Charlie

    Devil May Cry 5

    Yeah I know how to kill the Scissors like that, I just mean I never seem to be able to do it on Bloody Palace I knew about the secret end when you beat him in the prologue, but I've not been able to do it yet lol. I don't think I'll ever get there but I'd love to play the higher difficulties. You apparently 1 shot enemies but they 1 shot you too. Hell and Hell? Or Heaven and Hell. One of them. Would love that. Anyway I take back what I said. Took me a little to get in to it but it's a good game and Charlie recommends!
  9. Charlie

    Devil May Cry 5

    I've realised I suck at this game. I finished it the first time with auto assist on so I tried to turn it off for the next difficulty up and I'm like a flailing magikarp from Pokemon. Utterly hopeless. Btw. I like bloody palace! I remember playing it on dmc 2 maybe for the PS2 and kicking ass so I thought I'd do good at that. I tried on who I thought I was best with (Nero) and I got stomped by the first boss on level 20. Badly. Tried again with Dante and got to level 62 or something. Scissor ladies are the bane of my life specially in the later levels when there's a few of them and other types of enemies. I know I can block and 1 shot them but I just can't seem to do it here lol. Would kinda like to be able to play as Lady, Trish or Vergil in bloody palace but oh well.
  10. 1st April 2018. Today is the day and it's been a good run. It started all them years ago on a random website I can't even remember. It was probably the cause of my old old computer breaking. The first time getting caught and being asked wtf am I doing. You can't write that stuff ... literally. Fast forward and watching it with your significant other and confirming you certainly DON'T like the idea of a strap on. Memories. Now I have to pretend I'm Albanian with a VPN. It's a proud time to be British.
  11. Our Dexter is from Finland. This is a new guy! Welcome to the forums
  12. Regional football qualifiers on Monday. We top our group and we'll be playing at Ibrox this summer. Hyped! :D 

  13. It will be a sad day for all British people from 1st April. No it isn't an April Fools joke. From that date all porn will be blocked to the UK and you have to verify your age using some form of ID or bank card. You can also buy a voucher from any high street shop which when linked to you, gives you access. So when you ask for £20 on your gas and electric, you can also ask for a £4.99 porn card too. £8.99 if you want to view porn on multiple devices. Get your favourite stuff downloaded before it is too late! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/8569154/porn-uk-ban-block-when-unlock/ We might not be able to do Brexit, but we sure as hell can do the important stuff like block porn.
  14. Charlie

    Devil May Cry 5

    Played a few missions as V and I love his play style. Nero is growing on me too now. The soundtrack is as awesome as ever btw. Can I just say. I'd help Lady in to something suitable for digging a path Ahem.
  15. Charlie

    Devil May Cry 5

    This is the first dmc I've played since 2 or 3 I think way back on the PS2, whichever one had the trish extra cd. I'm up to the 4th mission but I think nostalgia has made me buy it in the end. It isn't as awesome as I remember it being 15 years ago haha. The hand thing isn't doing it for me compared to transforming in to a demon as Dante. But it's early doors, who knows I had to fix audio stutters on the cut scenes too. No big deal but it kinda spoiled the prologue and first mission having the dialog 5 seconds behind the animation until I found a fix.
  16. Charlie

    Devil May Cry 5

    Just started downloading it
  17. The level is so high I could scrim. Nice to meet you diss
  18. Made a fleeting visit for the after party and loved it. @Mister J got some ball skills. Cheers everyone for putting the event on Even had one guy disappointed it wasn't a weekly thing lol.
  19. We are sure it is 8pm gmt? I mean really SURE. I don't wanna miss an event again
  20. Charlie


    They never make stuff like this any more. I remember I was 7 or 8 years old and this was the scariest shit ever ... and it was Scooby-Do! Spoilers And I think she was my first ever "crush". Yeah.
  21. Charlie

    Shia LaBeouf

    Why do I like this song so much?
  22. 20:30: Eagle says "Charlie can we have a 10 minute chat about stuff?"

    Charlie says "Sure, discord?"


    22:40: Still .... in .... discord .... chatting .....

    1. MiniMuppet


      you know the bird doesn't stop talking once he starts :D

  23. Accurate representation of the admin and recruiter team ... I'm in so much trouble now hehe.
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