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  1. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  2. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  3. Charlie

    EVENT Powerball 15/02

    Made a fleeting visit for the after party and loved it. @Mister J got some ball skills. Cheers everyone for putting the event on Even had one guy disappointed it wasn't a weekly thing lol.
  4. Charlie

    EVENT Powerball 15/02

    We are sure it is 8pm gmt? I mean really SURE. I don't wanna miss an event again
  5. Charlie

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Literally my night.
  6. Charlie


    They never make stuff like this any more. I remember I was 7 or 8 years old and this was the scariest shit ever ... and it was Scooby-Do! Spoilers And I think she was my first ever "crush". Yeah.
  7. Charlie

    Shia LaBeouf

    Why do I like this song so much?
  8. 20:30: Eagle says "Charlie can we have a 10 minute chat about stuff?"

    Charlie says "Sure, discord?"


    22:40: Still .... in .... discord .... chatting .....

    1. MiniMuppet


      you know the bird doesn't stop talking once he starts :D

  9. Charlie

    Hello folks!

    Accurate representation of the admin and recruiter team ... I'm in so much trouble now hehe.
  10. Charlie

    Google is Watching?

    I got linked something on facebook and it's kinda creepy. If you go to google translate and make sure your language is Somali and you're translating in to English and type certain things in, it looks like it is talking back at you. Instead of typing a normal question or sentence you need to put spaces where there wouldn't usually be one. So for example. If you type what's in the speech marks - "ar ey ou go in gt ok il lm e" (are you going to kill me) it translates to "you are not ready to go". If it translated gibberish then you wouldn't think twice, but when it gives you a logical response ... yeah. Try different things out, it could literally be anything
  11. Charlie

    Stopping by again!

    It depends really. I'd be lying if I said we were as active as we used to be. Back then we had 2 servers in the top 20 or even top 10, now we struggle for one server in the top 40 of rankings. It doesn't help the people playing ET has shrunk massively. It depends when you wanna play but some times you might just be banging bots, others it'll be a 4v4 and peak times it'll be a 8v8. All I can say is check us out on the server or on trackbase and see what is happening. Looka me making our servers look good aha .. ha ..... ha.
  12. Charlie

    Stopping by again!

    Yo! Long time no see. Jaymod is long and buried for tech reasons and we replaced it with Nitmod but you'd be lucky get a 5v5 there in peak times. Everyone plays on Pub now but Legacy has been getting it's fair share of players too recently. My favourite Jaymod memory though? I don't have one. Honestly I loved every single day playing with everyone and I miss some people so much. I couldn't pick one moment as even the everyday stuff was awesome Gave you member status back so you can see more of the forums and stuff.
  13. Fucking HATE shopping. But Christmas shopping? ALL bastard day. And I still only have 2 prezzies for show for it. Kill me now. Please.

  14. Charlie

    etlegacy - 3v3 games

    We hosted a couple of Pro leagues in the past but they were a while ago: https://teammuppet.eu/home/forums/topic/11877-tm-cup-teams-rules-the-cup-has-begun/ and https://teammuppet.eu/home/forums/topic/13373-tm-cup-2014-teams-rules/. We also tried to host an ET wide one but that didn't work out if I remember correctly. I wasn't a part of organising them but I remember them being difficult to organise and follow through. @Rogan It isn't Pro but maybe something that might interest you? Give them a friendly game or something and see what everyone thinks. We might be able to sort a server out, but that's up to Eagle.