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  1. MiniMuppet

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: Rivet_Amber

  2. MiniMuppet

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: Svepa

  3. MiniMuppet

    EVENT Powerball 15/02

    sorry was still working on bathroom and still not finished
  4. MiniMuppet

    Scrim Team

    Scrim Team Reactivation TM is currently looking for active TM Members + Friend + Ex-members who would be willing to join our Scrim Team. If you have: - scrim/etpro experience; - at least 1 free evening during week to practice and play clan wars; - working microphone (must-have), Discord, and you're not afraid to give comms; Then don't hesitate to meet us on TM Discord voice channel on Sunday 21:00 CET. See you there!
  5. MiniMuppet

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: pawelkrn

  6. MiniMuppet

    Too old to play ET :-)

    Turned off now.
  7. MiniMuppet

    Too old to play ET :-)

    do you mean everyone had only panzers? If so then no someone must have left it on panzer war.
  8. MiniMuppet

    Too old to play ET :-)

    You can post more now i made you a Regular member. Let us know if it works or doesn't work and we will try to help if you need anymore.
  9. MiniMuppet

    Too old to play ET :-)

    Hello John welcome to the forums. Do you have windows? If so are you running your game as admin? Nitmod will give you a nitmod guid im not sure if you still need Punkbuster enabled.
  10. MiniMuppet

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: (LTF) John

    Welcome to the forums
  11. MiniMuppet

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: skunk

    Welcome to the forums
  12. MiniMuppet

    Server update

    We have now update the dedibox however we still do not have all servers back up and running. Etlegacy is up and running on old ip but we don't have any levels on this hopefully this will be sorted today Etpro isn't working on old ip new ip Back to normal ip Beginner isn't working on old ip new ip Back to normal ip Etleacy comp back up and running on All servers will be going back to the old ips TS is back up and running Baserace back up and running Vietnam ip Nodownload left to do.
  13. MiniMuppet

    EVENT Powerball 15/02

    were they using mac with etlegacy or just mac?
  14. MiniMuppet

    EVENT Powerball 15/02

    Domination/powerball We have connected using Etlegacy still need someone to test with Mac @sed i believe you use a mac
  15. MiniMuppet

    Stranger things

    Stranger things season 3