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  1. Matu


  2. Matu

    Cant choose a map.

    Thats why i and others asked on march that is it a known issue or bug.Couldnt get that info until now.Tnx Mini,and to replace few big maps with smaller ones should help.
  3. Matu

    Cant choose a map.

    :-)) Not talking about nextmap vote.Im talking about the vote/pick/choose the next map after map ends:-D You dont even have time to look at your stats.there should be 30sec time to vote/choose next map and look@ your stats (if you havent pressed "ready").but the next map starts in a sec.:-D
  4. Matu

    Cant choose a map.

    That problem is still there.Any solution on that?Had some complaints that few of our regulars are thired of playing fueldump and railgun etc
  5. Matu

    ETLegacy Etpub

    Copy the file called "ui_mp_x86.dll" in legacy folder to ETPUB folder.
  6. Currently i have SHIFT key as a "speed" and Caps lock as a "sprint".Its hard to hold down both keys in firefight if needed.I found a script- set beginsprinting "echo Sprinting ON; +sprint; set sprinttoggle vstr endsprinting"set endsprinting "echo Sprinting OFF; -sprint; set sprinttoggle vstr beginsprinting"set sprinttoggle "vstr beginsprinting"bind MOUSE3 "vstr sprinttoggle" It works when you press a key and ends when u press it again,but i want it to work when i hold a key and end when unhold. Shortly i need assign Caps lock key to speed+sprint together.
  7. Matu

    Dzień Dobry

    Hello Intro.See you in server;)
  8. Matu

    Firepower Panzer

    Problably Jessica wasted most of it
  9. Matu

    Easter Event

    Im not a fan of hide and seek but u guys made it fun for me.Thanks Purple and event team!
  10. Matu

    cant choose server

    Same here;)
  11. Matu

    Cant choose a map.

    It happened like 20 times with me and not after every map.Cant remember after what map/maps it happens.Ill make notes next time. I suspect Kermit forcing map by rcon-he always looked suspicious to me
  12. Matu

    Cant choose a map.

    In nodownload server,after map ends-the next map starts immediately.its impossible to choose a map.it only happens when i play alone with bots or also with few players and bots.never when server is crowded.idk if its Known issue cos its been like that a long time.Any info on that? Also why theres no nextmap vote anymore? Pretty lame to play against bots in a boring map and cant even choose next1 after it ends thx.
  13. Matu

    Special EVENT for our Team Muppet Founders!

    No.its 1hour and 2 minutes.
  14. Matu

    Special EVENT for our Team Muppet Founders!

    Cant wait! +1 Purple.
  15. Matu

    sk guy

    Isnt Tumude,Reno,[DooC]*Target=same player?