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  1. Ctrz

    Easter Event

    I might be 15-20min late.
  2. Ctrz

    Easter Event

    Sign say server is ..*960, poster says *970 .. which server are we in then ? Edit: its 970. C#
  3. Ctrz


    Could you teach @Inspra that too? Poor fellow only drinks water and lets our pride nation down...
  4. Ctrz


    To me? Sure! Is paypal ok?
  5. You seem like my long lost brother. I like your dislikes. C#
  6. No Actually they are very different . And it keeps going TY
  7. Next time let us know we can put on some nice clothes and co-star.
  8. I only drive cars on ice wintertime and 2-3 times a month i do go-carts.
  9. Followed it first from youtube when found US version. Then followed few european seasons. Its fun to watch now when 1 round is in neighbour country Latvia but I think this year it will be boring :/ C#
  10. Have watched since Markko Martin did his best. Left for years when accident with Park happened.. but now one of the first fantroops of Ott Tänak C#
  11. I think I followed them closely around 1998-2005..? I was fan of Olivier Jacques and Mick Doohan. Later liked Criville and followed Rossi. For me it was big blow when Simoncelli died. I also watched a little bit Superbikes when Edwards was fighting with Fogarty and Corser. Now, if I find race - sure I watch but I dont follow it too much :/ C#
  12. I started watching F1 since 1996. I think I did semi-pause from it 2002-2004 when Ferrari were dominant and Mclaren was just falling apart. Otherwise always been finnish fanboy - Mika first and now Kimi. C#
  13. Cool. I separate some topics then
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