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  1. Welcome to the forum svepa!
  2. Haha found the way to the forums I see. Now find your way to the application sector
  3. Thank you all for coming, thanks to ownix for poster thanks to testers for servertest and off to the next event we go!
  4. Well so you are awake lol
  5. I would never forget about you.just connect when you are awake lol
  6. No it's 19 for brexit people. So in 1 hour it will start.
  7. welcome to to, we have this discussion every event lol but it's sunday so who cares about one hour more or less.
  8. btw prepare cause i got some new trickshots in my sleeve lol
  9. ok take 20 CET en 19 GMT lol
  10. well 20 gmt might be false advertising lol. Let's make it easy 8 for belgians/netherland/ etc 9 for finish people, i think 7 for the brexit? Anyhow it doesn't really matter, i'll try to be around at 19:30-20 belgian time. If someone is there sooner or later it doesn't really matter .
  11. I have feeling afterparty was friday and real event will be tonight lol!
  12. Everyone got his beers cold, PC hot and head fucked up? 9hours left for the kickoff!
  13. We tested with someone on mac, didn't work. But apparently it's not with every mac.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/events/557023804812609/
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