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  1. VenoM

    Thursday Event lets meet

    Ps. That landmine tho VD
  2. It's over!!!!!

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    2. VenoM


      Why are you talking polish to me?

    3. =OsiK=


      because I do not know Finnish :P

    4. P3Swan
  3. VenoM

    TM menu

    Duro :)
  4. haha hey schatje @muddeh . Ik zit hier op de plee even flink te drukken, mijn darmen rommelen toch nog wat sinds jij dat konijntje levend in de pan hebt gekookt gisteren en we er samen van hebben gesmikkeld. Hoe is het met jouw poperij?

  5. VenoM

    Etro training session

    As a joke
  6. VenoM

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: FATBASTARD

    best name 2k17
  7. VenoM

    Event: Halloween

  8. VenoM


    maggot best name 2k17
  9. VenoM

    Mayweather v McGregor

    I watched it, very entertaining. Early stoppage however and how dare you predict two rounds charles? Irish don't fall you have to kill them, back to dominating real fighting Conor. Round of applause for Floyd tremendous career. Moment of the fight though was that uppercut from McGregor in the first round KADOOSH!