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  1. Sammow

    EVENT Powerball 15/02

    It's good to have a working shower after getting that many balls to the face, so good choice!
  2. Sammow

    EVENT Powerball 15/02

  3. Sammow

    EVENT Powerball 15/02

    Noooooo i cant be there on Friday Sounds like fun. Hopefully we Will do this again
  4. Sammow

    Event: Christmas Party 2018

    We would have won it too, if the timer wouldnt have fucked up the time addition
  5. Sammow

    Event: Christmas Party 2018

    Very good event! It was a lot of fun let's make a new years event for january
  6. Sammow

    merry christmas

    Normally you have to make sure your tree doesnt catch fire, but for you it's different
  7. Sammow

    Event: Christmas Party 2018

    I'll try to be there!
  8. Sammow

    Thursday Event lets meet

    Too bad i couldn't be there. Will be back from holidays in 2 weeks. I'll join then!
  9. Sammow


    Hahaha classic!
  10. Sammow

    Trickjump and boostjump

    OH, human meatpile. I'd say we use common sense and let it depend on the map and moment. If allies are being held back at beach the entire time I could see the use of it. To rush maps it should be forbidden. But then I alsof understand the others, because it's hard to draw the that way.
  11. Sammow

    Trickjump and boostjump

    I have no idea what boostjump is, and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.
  12. Sammow

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: MontyBurnz

    Excellent! Welcome
  13. Sammow

    C# (baby pics - Warning)

    But the best feeling when they are a little older is when you come back from work and she crawls towards you with hysterical laughter, making gestures to be picked up. Two of them is just double the love
  14. Sammow

    C# (baby pics - Warning)

    How are they now? Still at IC? How is life with twins? My daughter is now 10 months old and I can't imagine having two of those Not trying to scare you
  15. Sammow

    Friendly match! - 5.5.2018

    I'll try to join!