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    TM Competition 2018

    By Eagle_cz,


    Dear guests, regular players, friends and members,

    as a few of you already know, we have had a competition in the past. Time as passed and now it's time to start a new one. So, let me introduce you to how you can win one of our prizes! Because, in fact, there will be three different competitions:

    1. Guess the map
    According to the picture, your main goal is to guess the name of the map to which the picture belongs.

    There will be 3 maps a week (= 12 maps in total + 3 maps as a bonus on 24th December).
    The winner will be the one who will get the highest score (highest number of correct guesses). All the maps will be known only by the management of TeamMuppet, hidden on the forum, and revealed automatically every Monday (after midnight). The thread will be locked and anyone who wants to enter the competition needs to send their guess via private message to @Charlie and to @Eagle_cz. Only 3 guesses from each player in any one week will be accepted for each map. Maps will be here: https://teammuppet.eu/home/forums/topic/17060-tm-competition-2018-guess-the-map/

    Note: Discussion about the guess's is strictly forbidden and anyone who reveals the answer will be completly disqualified from all three competitions and this part of competition will be cancelled.


    2. Most active player
    This will be won by the player who will be the most active in the game and earn most XP points between 1st of Dec till 31st Dec midnight on the etpub (etpub.teammuppet.com) server.

    Note: It means to play the game and not to spend time on spec.

    3. Best advertiser
    This prize is for the one who will post a screenshot/photo with the best advert/promo for TeamMuppet.

    This will be done by poll - poll will only be open from 24th Dec till midnight 31st Dec but you can upload your pictures from the 1st Dec to the new thread on the forum that will be made there: https://teammuppet.eu/home/forums/topic/17058-tm-competition-2018-best-advertiser/

    Note: Votes can't be changed and will be public.


    Prizes will be: mugs, caps, t-shirts.... and some surprises! :)

    Good luck, everyone!


    Halloween Event

    By PurpleHaze,


    Hello you bloodthirsty and evil Muppets,

    Do you think you are a serial killer? Do you think you are the most evil muppet of us all? Or do you think you're the sneakiest snitch around?

    Come and find out if you will be shot at the gates of hell or if you will be granted acces to the bloodiest hellfeast you have ever seen.


                                                           26-10-2018 18GMT (see what time you have in gmt? Click here :) )

    (afterparty 27th)

    TeamMuppet EventServer:

    (Mac-users can join without problem)

    Teamspeak: ts.teammuppet.com

    MapPack can already be downloaded here: 


    See you all there!

    Thursday events

    By Niki,

    Hello Members, Players and Friends

    Last event was great success and it was so nice to see busy server and all of you guys.

    It would be a great pleasure to invite you all on PUB server this thursday 30.08.2018 and also on every another thursday. Lets meet and have fun together

    etpub.teammuppet.com (

    TS3: ts.teammuppet.com


    great thanks for making poster @EyeOnMe


    Thursday Event lets meet

    By Niki,

    Hello members, friends, players

    we have summer time and most of you are having great time on vacation but few of us missed good old times with ET and its great friendly atmosphere, so we want to invite you all to join us on Thursday 16.08.2018 at 8pm (English time) on PUB server and spent some great evening together.

    all you need is et and good mood

    etpub.teammuppet.com (

    TS3: ts.teammuppet.com


    great thx for @EyeOnMe for making poster and giving this idea