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  • 2Bit map pack By MrMuppet

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    Zipped map pack of 2Bit maps 2tanks_171 6flags_110 110_factory_200 battery_recharged_130 berlin_1-2-0 breakout_371 breakout2_140 bulldog_150 chartwell_140 cluedo_130 glider_302 ludendorff_110 operation-chariot_1-2-0 radar_summer_130 rtcw_depot2_102 tankbuster_200 tiger_110 trooptrain_120
  • CTF map pack By MrMuppet

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    Zipped capture the flag map pack
  • Xmas map pack By MrMuppet

    • 8
    Zipped map pack of Xmas maps used on Xmas server - extract to your etmain directory. 1944_Huertgen_final2_Xmas baserace_b1bxmas battery_winter bulldog_150 coldfortb1 eagles_2ways_b3 escape2 fueldump_christmas_final fueldump_christmas_spawnfix northpole oasis_winter point_xmas_b2 Radar_Winter santas_grotto_v1_2 treetop_final UJE_00_xmas UJE_amsterdam_xmas UJE_castle_xmas_b1 UJE_christmas UJE_christmas_tank_2010 UJE_goldrush uje_goldrush_xmas UJE_mo
  • Halloweenmappack.zip By MrMuppet

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    Zipped map pack for the Halloween event, extract to your etmain directory.  thief_city  transylvania_beta2  vio_grail  haunted_mansion  necrology_final  resurrection  warbell  castleattack_b5  deadcold_b1  et_village  lostchildren  nightmare  raw_te t_spookyb2 

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