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    Scrim Team

    By MiniMuppet,


    Server update

    By MiniMuppet,

    We have now update the dedibox however we still do not have all servers back up and running.

    Etlegacy is up and running on old ip but we don't have any levels on this hopefully this will be sorted today

    Etpro isn't working on old ip new ip Back to normal ip

    Beginner isn't working on old ip new ip Back to normal ip

    Etleacy comp back up and running on

    All servers will be going back to the old ips

    TS is back up and running

    Baserace back up and running

    Vietnam ip

     Nodownload left to do.

    EVENT Powerball 15/02

    By PurpleHaze,


    Poster by @0wN1x

    Hi dear Muppets and friends, 

    Get your sweaty hands ready, pack your shorts and sporty outfits

    Eventteam is proud to announce our next PowerBall Event!

    Everyone is welcome, bring your friends but more importantly bring your beer (so the hosts can drink :)

    Be there!

    15/02/2019 (afterparty on 17/02/2019)


    Be sure to connect to our discord for even more fun! 

    Check also https://www.facebook.com/events/557023804812609/







    New server

    By MiniMuppet,

    Thanks to Bystry and Dmxj we now have a active Etpro public server. 

    Everyone is welcome come give it a try.


    We also have a active Etlegacy server


    If you prefer nitmod you can also try this server out


    You can also find us in discord

    Teammuppet -https://discord.gg/tzK2KVX 

    We also have this website where you can post for any help you may need :)