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  1. Welcome To TeamMuppet: dbd Goat

    Welcome Goat, We now have a : deer ( Bamby ) , Bird ( Eagle ) and a Goat.
  2. hi guys i need experience players opinion

    Hi GsD, Im getting all kinds of errors while playing dm_84 files. On what server are these recorded ?
  3. Welcome To TeamMuppet: *G$D*

    Welcome G$D, you are one of my favorite panza magnets
  4. Welcome To TeamMuppet: kujaw

    Welcome Kujaw to our forum.
  5. hello Jessica hope you are well.

    I would like to join  TM to reunite with some of the best players and kick some butt

  6. Welcome To TeamMuppet: conndor

    Welcome to the forum conndor.
  7. Learn to know eachother

    I can still vaguely remember the time that Star played regularly. It's time we can get back to kill you again Star !
  8. Welcome To TeamMuppet: the_real_wurstcola

    Welcome WurstCola, I already saw you thursday on our Legacy server, I hope to see you also soon on our main server : TeamMuppet Nodownloads xps
  9. Welcome To TeamMuppet: TheGuyWho1

    Welcome TheGuyWho1, are you also TheGuyWho12, oris he a different person ?
  10. Happy NewYear!

    Happy new yeart o all of you, Im gonne get drunk, I already know :0
  11. Welcome To TeamMuppet: eXpLo!

    Hi Explo, I already saw you several times on our server. Now also welcome to the forum.
  12. X-mas EVENT

    The event with teamdamage was great. I had expected much more teamdamage because hardly anyone is used to it, but i was surprised how little teamdamage was given. GREAT !!
  13. Welcome To TeamMuppet: time4heroes

    Welcome time4heroes.
  14. Welcome To TeamMuppet: tr1star1

    Welcome tristar, have fun.
  15. X-mas EVENT

    I will start advertising for the 22ND