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  1. TeamSpeak3 Echo reduction/cancellation

    Ben, I love flowchars, they immediately show gaps in the process. . . . Like yours Eagle, Your explanation earns more credit than Ben gives you. i did have the same problem, and i solved it a few weekt ago, exact like you describe. Also had to set back the Playback Voice Volume adjust ( Was +12 bD, but with +4 dB it was a lot better ) And ben, YES, I do have a headset, so Flowchart rejected
  2. Welcome To TeamMuppet: w3st

    Hi West, is this you, also known as Shiimie ?
  3. Welcome To TeamMuppet: shimmie

    Hi Shimmie, welcome to the Forum.
  4. Wishes to Karin and Eeric

    Congratz Eerik & Karin, Enjoy the fine moments. They are mature before you know.
  5. Event: Halloween

    Specially for Mini, we have this sunday a afterparty, 19:00 GMT. See you at Bloody afterparty Mini
  6. Welcome To TeamMuppet: *Johnnie Walker

    Welcome to the forum Johnnie's, But 3 account in 1 time is a little overkill *Johnnie walker Johnnie walker Johnnie_walker
  7. Event: Halloween

    Yes, its now 20:48 dutch time, countdown 22:12, So at 19:00 dutch time the counter stops. Question : When I see 22:12, what do people in Poland see ?
  8. Event: Halloween

    Do I understand it correct ? Time: 7 p.m. GMT (https://time.is/GMT) Time = 8 p.m. CET ( CET is time displayd in servers ) I dont want to mis 1 hour of Event
  9. Event: Halloween

    Is it already spam time ? bind [ "vstr event" set event1 "set event vstr event2; say !!! !!! !!! EEE VVV EEE NNN TTT !!! !!! !!! !!!" set event2 "set event vstr event3; say !!! . saturday 4th of November - Halloween. !!!" set event3 "set event vstr event4; say !!! . Big maps - Start downloading in time. !!!" set event4 "set event vstr event5; say !!! . . .Server IP : . . !!!" set event5 "set event vstr event1; say !!! !!! !!! EEE VVV EEE NNN TTT !!! !!! !!! !!!" set event "vstr event1"
  10. Welcome To TeamMuppet: pakoka

    Hello pakoka, welcome to our forum.
  11. Welcome To TeamMuppet: nini

    Welcome, Nini, I hope I never get confused, Niki, Mini, Nini
  12. Welcome To TeamMuppet: Matu

    I have already seen you several times on our gameserver. No also welcome to our forum Matu.
  13. Welcome To TeamMuppet: chamire

    Welcome to the forum chamire. Want to have fun ? join our Event on saterday, and for sure, join our TS
  14. Welcome To TeamMuppet: flashbang

    Hello flashbang, welcome to our forum, and have fun.