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  1. Jessica

    Trickjump and boostjump

    Unfortunately, but Duro is right : making TJ, go kill all people at spawn, and let the rest do an object is also not fair Perhaps : -Trickjump is only allowed as soon as it is also possible to get in without TJ, for example when a gate is already blown. -Boostjump is allowed (in all cases) it dont need any special skills its consider as team work And what about an easy jump oven a wall ? On V2-BASE it is a simple jump over the wall at allies spawn, not TJ, it is just a simple jump. But people also complain : No wall jumping.
  2. Jessica

    Trickjump and boostjump

    Back to topic, I dont think we have an issue here. Making a strikt rule wouldn't do us all good. Like I tried to tell in a long sentence Mini told in a shorter version :
  3. Jessica

    Trickjump and boostjump

    Selfkills ARE already allowed
  4. Jessica

    Trickjump and boostjump

    The Boost was yesterday on sp_Delivery, by allies to get the flag I get your point CTRZ, WHAT is object ? If one gets a boost, and kill all, so another player can plant, that is not object, but it helped to do object. TJ / boost will always indirectly help with object. But in generaly, TJ ( and boost ) IS allowed, but not to do direct object. Then again, is it allowed in RADAR to get a boost to get radar parts ( That is done in all official matches ). And . . . do we want to write one rule ? I Think that doesnt work for all maps. So TJ / Boost is allowed, but not to do direct object.
  5. Jessica

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: SantaDaClaus

    Welcome Santa, I already saw you several times on beginner server.
  6. Jessica

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: -Av-

    Welcome to the forum AV, Under what names did you play before on our servers ?
  7. Jessica


    Hello Frank, I guess indeed it is on beginerserver. I am around on that server regular. Please just let me know , and I'm glad to help you.
  8. Jessica

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: shiromev

    Hi shiromev, Welcome to our forum
  9. Jessica

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: valkej

    Hi valkej, Welcome to our forum, see you friday again on afterparty ? Oh, and we also have TeamSpeak
  10. Jessica

    Easter Event

    I will start spamming as from tomorrow
  11. Jessica

    C# (baby pics - Warning)

    Congratz citrus, take some time to spoil the wife !!!
  12. Jessica

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: TomiqPyco

    Hi TomiqPyco, Welcome to our forum.
  13. Jessica

    Paddy's Day

    Still great, dont have regret Charlie, dont delete
  14. Jessica

    Domination Event Aftermovie

    Great movie, to bad I see that many times : Jessica was killed Whahahah No realy, great job.
  15. Jessica

    Ode to Wolfenstein

    Some people have to much time, but a realy great result. Perfect music too.