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  1. Welcome To TeamMuppet: DCougar

    Welcome to the forum DCougar, did we already see you in game ?
  2. Old Applications

    LOL, and even now all people know I'm a dude, some people still flirt People should not flirt, only me with Niki should be an exception.
  3. Welcome To TeamMuppet: Loops

    Welcome to our forum, and have fun Loops
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    Welcome to our forum sqwiz.
  6. failed pure server check

    Ik dacht altijd dat belgen slimmer waren Pipo . Good to see you can connect and play again .
  7. Welcome To TeamMuppet: bola

    Welcome to the forum Bola, I dont recall your name, did I see you already play on a TM server?
  8. Welcome To TeamMuppet: Maggot

    Hello Maggot, nice to see you finaly found forum Welcome.
  9. tm menu

    Hi Oli, you can also make a shortcut on desktop : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +connect
  10. Welcome To TeamMuppet: bobbyfredrick

    Hello bobbyfredrick, welcome to our forum.
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  14. Hoi Je$$,

    What about that German thing you mentioned in the game ?


  15. Welcome To TeamMuppet: kain

    Hi Kain, Welcome to the forum