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  1. I finaly get it. This topic is just a smokescreen for fans of !knivewar
  2. Nice animals Jesus, I like husky's.
  3. Welcome to our forum, and fun on forum and in game.
  4. I have the feeling, events on saterday are more busy, than on a friday
  5. Ctrz, hereby the other topic
  6. We have had EVEN discussions many times, but its still an important topic. * fact ! Not all people even * fact ! If a TM member moves to even number of players, that not Always even the strenght balance. * !Balance can solve it partly Here is a new Idea, What do you think about a new command : !BalanceTM to move 1 TM player, and get best strenght balance ?
  7. Thanks all, and BTW, Niki did sing !!! ( a happy b-day song in English and polish :) )
  8. Is it : American Pie ?
  9. Welcome to our forum ALFX
  10. Panza event ? Event with Team damage on ? SURPRICE me !! Nice to see we have an event upcomming
  11. MUD !! You nearly live on Ameland, its almost the northpole man
  12. I regularly go to Maasmechelen for refueling, karting and Euroscoop cinema
  13. I even dont live that far from you guys