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  1. tiny lags on beginners

    Try /r_primitives 2 If not the update might not agree with ET, i dunno.
  2. That moment when you offer to work over Christmas then find out you don't get double time on boxing day :cry: 

  3. Halloween's bloody afterparty

    Charlie working, sorry
  4. Etro training session

    Server back up and running
  5. Event: Halloween

    I finish work around half 6 and the event starts at 7, I might be a little late haha. @tupla Yeah it's 7pm GMT English persons' time. 8pm for the Euros and 9pm for the Fintards I think?
  6. Event: Halloween

    I'll be able to make it I think
  7. ETLegacy on Linux

    https://www.etlegacy.com/download Their website says 64 bit version isn't compatible with the 2.60b patch. Maybe you need to put your ET down to the previous patch (2.55?) for it to work? I dunno.
  8. Etro training session

    We kinda signed up here -> http://teammuppet.eu/home/forums/topic/16492-etpro-scrimteams/ More than 6 people but yeah. If I can fathom the clock and I'm not working I'll be at practices in case you need a plus one for even teams. If not then I'll go back to pub.
  9. Etro training session

    I'm too unreliable
  10. Etro training session

    I got the time wrong, thought it was an hour later than it was oops. Sorry if you needed another person
  11. I got homework from work. How the fuck does that happen? I never did it in school so what chance is there I'll do it now? AND with England playing tonight. I used to like my supervisor.

    1. PurpleHaze


      you could look at it differently. England is playing so you have time for homework :yes:

    2. Alistar


      Charlie mate we all know you are the wisest of us which means no worries

  12. Event: Panzermania

    Aye was fun, had to duck out due to work pestering me though. Sorry
  13. Maggot

    Welcome to the forums
  14. Old Applications

    For some reason I figured I'd look at the app that got me in to TM, and it's like "did I really write that?" I lied about my age by a year haha. It was so long ago now and so many old names knocking around, so much has changed! I miss people http://teammuppet.eu/home/forums/topic/7216-charlies-app/ Had a look through some old apps of other people from Jaymod and lol at @oliveira pt. I forgot how much of a flirt you were even with @Jessica, Roos and Linda Anything on anyone else's application, even you ex members? http://teammuppet.eu/home/forums/forum/228-old-applications/
  15. After a hard days work, "let's go to the pub!". Awesome. But no, my friend just got her first car so we drove back to hers instead. I somehow got roped in to doing 2 hours of gardening to uncover a driveway that nature had reclaimed. I don't understand life.

    1. Slarty


      Friendzone level 99 hehe

    2. JustinBeiber


      What Slarty said. I mean, really?

      I don't have the details to make a balanced judgement, but from the portrayed context it seems like a female friend used you for performing a chore. Did she send you away right after you were done?