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  1. Happy NewYear!

    Never .... drinking .... alcohol ... again. My head .... Happy New Year everyone
  2. Learn to know eachother

    What does this delay fall under?
  3. Learn to know eachother

    @DiNg Can you do stuff like this train driver?
  4. Learn to know eachother

    I wonder if Oli's baby picture of him in the bath is still on the forums
  5. Learn to know eachother

    Real name James. Charlie is my nickname. Or Charles. Or Charlie Brown if you want a smack in the mouth lol. From Newcastle. 26 year old I think. Response steward for NUFC so I work any and all events that involve VIP's and/or sponsors linked to the stadium. I mainly respond to trouble or "bodyguard" VIP's. I also work in a restaurant cooking and preparing grub. Up until 8 months ago I couldn't cook scrambled egg but here I am! I play darts for my local pub team and I just recently joined a football team. Proper little fast winger Or used to be ...
  6. tiny lags on beginners

    Try /r_primitives 2 If not the update might not agree with ET, i dunno.
  7. That moment when you offer to work over Christmas then find out you don't get double time on boxing day :cry: 

  8. Halloween's bloody afterparty

    Charlie working, sorry
  9. Etro training session

    Server back up and running
  10. Event: Halloween

    I finish work around half 6 and the event starts at 7, I might be a little late haha. @tupla Yeah it's 7pm GMT English persons' time. 8pm for the Euros and 9pm for the Fintards I think?
  11. Event: Halloween

    I'll be able to make it I think
  12. ETLegacy on Linux

    https://www.etlegacy.com/download Their website says 64 bit version isn't compatible with the 2.60b patch. Maybe you need to put your ET down to the previous patch (2.55?) for it to work? I dunno.
  13. Etro training session

    We kinda signed up here -> http://teammuppet.eu/home/forums/topic/16492-etpro-scrimteams/ More than 6 people but yeah. If I can fathom the clock and I'm not working I'll be at practices in case you need a plus one for even teams. If not then I'll go back to pub.
  14. Etro training session

    I'm too unreliable
  15. Etro training session

    I got the time wrong, thought it was an hour later than it was oops. Sorry if you needed another person