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  1. Charlie

    Cant choose a map.

    You sure you're connecting to the right server Oli? If the test server is running due to someone ... testing ... I think both the names are the same but one requires a password. I just connected fine. /connect nd.teammuppet.com
  2. Charlie

    Paddy's Day

    It appears someone hacked in to my account and posted this topic without my knowledge last night. Hopefully no more damage has been done!
  3. Charlie

    Paddy's Day

    Am I allowed a bit of Bon Jovi? It's my life.
  4. Charlie

    Paddy's Day

    I lied earlier. Okay I half did because a guy call Bob is in this too but it has the lead singer of Paramore in it. She's great
  5. Charlie

    Paddy's Day

    Tune for the single mom's out there. Rockabye.
  6. Charlie

    Paddy's Day

    Sang along to this in work and apparently I have a girly voice ... thought my voice was deep but oh well. Sugar.
  7. Charlie

    Paddy's Day

    For the 90's kids, cos we all had that mates mom. Here's to you George!
  8. Charlie

    Paddy's Day

    Let's turn it up a little. How did it end up like this? Alcohol? Yes! But ... song!
  9. Charlie

    Paddy's Day

    Happy St. Paddie's Day to all you lovely people
  10. Charlie

    Paddy's Day

    And to contrast ... a golden oldie.
  11. Charlie

    Paddy's Day

    Change of pace! For those who like the heavy metal guys doing something totally different. Disturbed anyone?
  12. Charlie

    Paddy's Day

    THE song back when I was a pup in college. Ever been on a night out and not heard this?
  13. Charlie

    Paddy's Day

    Working for him in the summer so can I do a shameless plug? Ireland right?
  14. Charlie

    Paddy's Day

    Setting fire to ... teeth?
  15. Charlie

    Paddy's Day

    How they did things in the 60's.