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  1. Congrats @Temptin and @SpeedyTaco on your wedding today!! You guys deserve all the happiness in the world
  2. helped him out.
  3. at Venom's frustrations
  4. with Pesone who
  5. I wanna play more modern stuff not just ET. Do I need something bigger than want I was going for? I'm not bothered about playing the latest games in 4k ultra settings, I'd be happy with med/high in 1366x768 hehe.
  6. But what will kdshp do then!?
  7. Well I originally wanted a 1TB hdd (my laptop atm only has 500GB and it's just enough), but I can change to a 1TB sshd for not much more. It's the same storage space but is it worth the money to pay for whatever it does? My website says it's 5 times faster but I never got the impression whatever it does is slow lol. I kinda get the feeling I'm misunderstanding something with this though. On a slighty related note, my download speed is kinda bad (about 600 kb/s). Is there a kinda half way storage thing I can use to transfer stuff from my laptop to the new computer? It'd take me weeks to redownload some stuff I would want As a website I've been using I did look around for forums or discussions that'd be helpful but a lot of what people say is Greek to me. I mean it took me a good while just to understand Toni's and Centaur's posts haha. I wanna stick with amd and not intel. I dunno why I'm just funny like that I also don't want to pay for all that ram and the bigger gfx card unless I have to. A friend keeps telling to start out with a gtx 1050/1060 as it plays his games well enough so far.
  8. I replaced my stuff with these but it's too expensive. I still need to pay for everything else on top of them. It's a couple hundred £ more than I want to spend. I thought about a better motherboard as I think I got told sometime that isn't something you can easily upgrade once everything is sorted like a gfx card or RAM can be, but it wouldn't fit in the current case I'm looking at. I'd have to spend another £60 ish for the better motherboard and the case that would fit it in. It's not much I suppose but if I said that for every part it'll quickly add up lol. When I read up about RAM people generally said the more the better and naturally 8GB won't be enough one day, but it is enough for my needs atm? And it's another £70 to make it 16GB. It'll cost another £30 to upgrade the hdd to a sshd ... is it worth the spend? The money I'm spending is for everything btw. £650~ for the case, CPU, motherboard, RAM, gfx card, hdd, cooling, power, wifi, OS, monitor, keyboard and mouse. I know I could probably get some better things for roughly the same price but I'm paying for it being built and the guarantee everything will fit together and work as well. I'm paying for convenience I suppose. Somewhere down the line I'll probably upgrade some stuff or add stuff on somewhere, no doubt about that. But say if I got the above (maybe with a sshd instead cos it's a cheap upgrade) and wanted to dive in and play something like -insert new AAA game here- on a decent setting, I'd be okay? Ty for everyone so far!
  9. My trip to America later this year has been cancelled so I have some spare cash I suppose. Before I waste it away on stuff like alcohol I should really get a new computer but I don't want to spend that much on it. I mean I don't care about running the latest games in 1000fps on a 10k ultra super hd tv and stuff, I just want to keep up for the next few years hehe. I'm happy being able to play something decently and that it'll cover me for the next few years is all. I know two things about technology - jack and shit - so does this look like it would work for me? With everything else I need like the monitor, hdd, OS and other misc crap it adds up to about £650, I really don't want to spend more if I can help it. Processor (CPU) AMD FX-4300 Quad Core CPU (3.80GHz/4MB CACHE/AM3+) Motherboard ASUS® M5A97 R2.0 (DDR3, USB3.0, 6Gb/s) Memory (RAM) 8GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz (1 x 8GB) Graphics Card 4GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050 Ti - DVI, HDMI, DP
  10. only holding a
  11. control his urges
  12. nice and clean (I'm reading this and it feels this is about me atm lol )
  13. like a pussy
  14. I think it was Watermelon or Klokk that asked for the snatch spawn times to be changed so we did so where axis had an 18 second spawn like they recommended. Any longer and it might be too long? I dunno. Snatch is a horrible map for the server imo.
  15. ATB would have moved Muse if it had time to kick in and he arguably should have moved when teams went uneven, but that's if I understand your post correctly .... If your in the position where your fun is affected, or the team balance will go to hell (your a good shot Citrus, it'll happen more with you haha) if you move, then just ask others in main or /mc, or let atb do it's thing and move the last to join. Although it's a last resort don't feel bad you waited for atb to kick in.