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  1. Forum Levels

    I remember you Mr Slarty!
  2. Forum Levels

    Hey guys! The forums decided to set a lot of people back to Regular Member for some reason. Let us know if you have the wrong forum level and we'll get it fixed. We're double and triple checking but the forum has a couple thousand members so we're bound to miss people. Apologies guys
  3. Old Applications

    For some reason I figured I'd look at the app that got me in to TM, and it's like "did I really write that?" I lied about my age by a year haha. It was so long ago now and so many old names knocking around, so much has changed! I miss people http://teammuppet.eu/home/forums/topic/7216-charlies-app/ Had a look through some old apps of other people from Jaymod and lol at @oliveira pt. I forgot how much of a flirt you were even with @Jessica, Roos and Linda Anything on anyone else's application, even you ex members? http://teammuppet.eu/home/forums/forum/228-old-applications/
  4. After a hard days work, "let's go to the pub!". Awesome. But no, my friend just got her first car so we drove back to hers instead. I somehow got roped in to doing 2 hours of gardening to uncover a driveway that nature had reclaimed. I don't understand life.

    1. Slarty


      Friendzone level 99 hehe

  5. I can't keep up being a furniture remover because it's such heavy work and I'm getting fat and lazy. Like seriously I've put on a stone in the last month or so and it isn't muscle lol. It's my main pay packet so I need to find a new main job. I still get a little from doing security part time but not enough to live off which sucks. So I go looking and apply for a few things like shop assistants and warehouse guy and stuff. What a fucking hassle. I swear to god everything I look at needs an application form, I mean I've spent the last 2 and a half hours on just ONE and still haven't finished. Starting to think I should just kill myself doing what I'm doing and have Pesone fuck me up the arse, applying for a job lately is such a pain in the arse. Thank you for reading my rant :) 

  6. Mayweather v McGregor

    So this fight is on tonight! I think Mayweather will knock McGregor out within 2 rounds but you never know. He's an old man now in the boxing world, can he still box like he used to? What do you guys think?
  7. Pornography

    My dream car ... one day ... Aston Martin DB9. I even have a poster in my room of it lol
  8. Teammuppet meetup @ Belgium

  9. Forum up date

    I'm nit picking with my first one but the text on posts is too close to the lines around the post, and the "posted 1 hour ago" isn't aligned like it used to be. I've never used another theme other than Carbon but I'm assuming Brave is the new one? Anyway on that theme there a couple of strings of error text in place of things. Example - [[Template core/front/global/ipsfocus_backgroundPicker does not exist. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.] EDIT// Sorry, it seems it's an issue for other themes too. That's all I can see at first glance. Also I like the look of the new clubs thingy
  10. tm menu

    That means he'll connect to Nitmod every time ET opens! What if he wants to play pub or pro or or ummm yeah! Unfortunately due to us moving servers a few months ago the menu won't connect to anything other than pub - every other link is dead unless it was originally in France to begin with and didn't get removed. The menu and the download needs updated if it's to work for the minor servers too I think but that might be a long shot. The only way to find any server now other than the above is to use the direct address or search for it in the big server menu thingy. So either use Jess's suggestion or open the console and type /connect
  11. ET problems with windows 10

    If you're still having fps issues do /r_primitives 2 in the console, maybe it will help.
  12. Quiz Time

    M..M..Minas ... Tirith? Is it really possible? Alas I'm at work for the first one
  13. Congrats Temptin!

    Congrats @Temptin and @SpeedyTaco on your wedding today!! You guys deserve all the happiness in the world
  14. forum game: 3 word story.

    helped him out.
  15. forum game: 3 word story.

    at Venom's frustrations