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  1. Purple's gonna have fps

    I have 1080 and sometimes I feel it isn't enough for me...
  2. Purple's gonna have fps

    Might be Acer Predator XB241H 24"
  3. Purple's gonna have fps

    Pretty good rig. Sadly you can't overclock it but who cares if you play ET That monitor is beast, and sexy...
  4. Mayweather v McGregor

    Because they love to do it. Why you do things what you love?
  5. Congrats Temptin!

    Gz<3 Little late but better now than never
  6. Teammuppet meetup @ Belgium

    Im curious is this still happening?
  7. Forum up date

    Nice update. Somehow I was so use to black theme. Maybe I can change it back. Have to check it out E: Brave 4.x looks cool
  8. Welcome To TeamMuppet: Suave

    Welcome Suave!
  9. Jalka on murtununt  kolmesta kohtaa olen ollut levossa kohta 4 vikkoa pari pitäis vielä jaksaa Paijaksen lääkäkrit on aikas sanonko mistä.. Mut nähtäillään taas fb:ssä sit aattelin kirjottaa kuulumiset sulle tähän.. En tiedä minne menee ja kukaa näkee aivan sama..

  10. New Computer

    If Charlie plays only ET, he don't need 1070. Its way too overkill. 1050Ti are just fine. Charlie, it is worth it to buy SSD. When you buy your first SSD, I bet it feels same as when upgrading your lada to ferrari.
  11. New Computer

    When your budget is low, you should buy used items. In Finland we have many trusted sites what sell used items and you know they are good. If you want to buy AMD, you should get 1500x or 1600(x). They are pretty cheap now. b350 motherboard. RAM is damn expensive because mobilephones but still I would get 16gigs instead 8. In Finland: 1500x Kingston 16Gb DDR4 2666Mhz (Not sure about compatibility) x) Asus Prime b350 1050Ti = 676 euros. New parts, not used. (593£) OS you can get free, or forums will sell 5 to 10 euros per key. Also you should buy SSD instead HDD. You will see huge different. Buy cheap HDD for pics etc all other crap and SSD for OS + games. 24" 144hz monitors are about 150e. 60hz monitors are less than 100e.
  12. forum game: 3 word story.

    Jesus has risen