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  1. If Charlie plays only ET, he don't need 1070. Its way too overkill. 1050Ti are just fine. Charlie, it is worth it to buy SSD. When you buy your first SSD, I bet it feels same as when upgrading your lada to ferrari.
  2. When your budget is low, you should buy used items. In Finland we have many trusted sites what sell used items and you know they are good. If you want to buy AMD, you should get 1500x or 1600(x). They are pretty cheap now. b350 motherboard. RAM is damn expensive because mobilephones but still I would get 16gigs instead 8. In Finland: 1500x Kingston 16Gb DDR4 2666Mhz (Not sure about compatibility) x) Asus Prime b350 1050Ti = 676 euros. New parts, not used. (593£) OS you can get free, or forums will sell 5 to 10 euros per key. Also you should buy SSD instead HDD. You will see huge different. Buy cheap HDD for pics etc all other crap and SSD for OS + games. 24" 144hz monitors are about 150e. 60hz monitors are less than 100e.
  3. Jesus has risen
  4. Im not as much online as I use to be but few days ago I join in weaker team and TM members was wondering why I join in that team even team was 3vs2. I join in that team where was more players but as kills was like 50-10 to those who had only 2 players, of course I join in weaker team. To me many members seems to think even teams are when there are equal numbers of players in each team. Its not like that. 2 players can dominate 10 players and teams wont be any better if one more guy join in that 2 man team.
  5. This has been suggested many times. We won't take panza away as there are people who can play only with panza and most of time they are online when others are not.
  6. Yea, I don't think so many Finns will show up. It is the day when everyone drinks here.
  7. Welcome!
  8. Sure.. @MadF.Lame How about you?
  9. @VenoM @P3Sone ?
  10. Already warming up!
  11. Clickbait title Just want to tell you guys im drunk right now. Please continue (I know you can see my message in front page)
  12. If so, pics or didnt happen
  13. He didn't was there. I will check if you are on server in sunday, 6:30 - 7:15PM your time.