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  1. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    Everyone who's interested, go to: sincerly, TeamMuppet-proteam
  2. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    @VenoM @P3Sone @miraro3 @Minty @rip street @Eerik @Mister J what's all this smoke about, let's go!
  3. Purple's gonna have fps

    I'm done with 1024x720 one maxfps 71, for newer maps stable was on 33. So ye happy with 1920x1080 180hz 250fps, i Just cant handle the frames now i guess. And this is my current one, previous one was lot worse. But one good thing after 10 years ET on laptop, i know a lot about configs, fps, textures etcetera
  4. Purple's gonna have fps

    Toni is completly correct Acer Predator XB241H 24"
  5. Purple's gonna have fps

    Coz the Max fps is 250 and i get that easily with 1070 gtx. Can even watch 3D movie while doing that No need for overkill, i don't have unlimited account
  6. Purple's gonna have fps

    nice guessing, completly correct. 144hz overclock 180. Love it
  7. Purple's gonna have fps

    With the move to a house, i alsof bought a pc, decent screen and keyboard. Gonna enjoy this shit for sure!
  8. Forum up date

    just go to account settings, at the bottom you'll find themes. Be sure to try out the steam one, it's also black theme but with green border and looks bit better. Nice update! love the steam team:
  9. ET problems with windows 10

    try this: Right click your shortcut - properties btw are you playing cable or wifi?
  10. Little help

    just install 2.60b, don't forget to save your etkey
  11. Welcome To TeamMuppet: Suave

    finaly you found your way here!
  12. i don't want an other taste of your VENOM

  13. paly play fintards

    1. P3Sone


      Victor is avi 4 some pälys :)

    2. Minty


      monty is avi in about 4 hours