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  1. PurpleHaze

    Easter Event

    (see what time you have in gmt? Click here :) )
  2. PurpleHaze

    Easter Event

  3. PurpleHaze

    Easter Event

    Dear Muppets, The time is near for a next Event. Since we called it an easter event and everyone is already full of chocolate, we gonna look for eachother instead of Eggs. This time the date was up to you guys, So this Friday you are all welcome on our event server for some classic H&S. 16 adapted maps are ready for you to discover, but be sure not to be discovered Server: Date: 20-04-2018 19pm GMT (the same hour is all the other events lol ) Join us at Ts.teammuppet.com. See you there and enjoy, TeamMuppet - Eventteam
  4. PurpleHaze

    new frag movie

    Nicely done!
  5. PurpleHaze

    C# (baby pics - Warning)

  6. PurpleHaze

    i have 2 questions

    for pistol, listen to @nerdle. For those demo's, did you put your et in dominationmod before launching demo? - if so can you send one of those files so i can check myself. PS: why do people keep on recording in ET itself (ok i get it for cheaters, but if its for fun no), it's 2018 people wake up Millions of free recording software out there waiting for you. No more mess with dm84, better quality, what are you all waiting for? For Nvidia users => https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/ best tool ever and easy to use. For all others just google game record software Don't waste time on dm84 files
  7. PurpleHaze

    Domination Event Aftermovie

    i can give you the originals, i'm sure it's in there somewhere
  8. PurpleHaze

    Special EVENT for our Team Muppet Founders!

    don't worry we were only instructed to set your level -1
  9. PurpleHaze

    Ode to Wolfenstein

    this is so great
  10. PurpleHaze

    Special EVENT for our Team Muppet Founders!

    be happy, you're voice this time was real great, now people think you have lovely voice that cheers for TM members. They don't know about all the yelling
  11. PurpleHaze

    Special EVENT for our Team Muppet Founders!

    ye you got some cheerleaders - that hopeless medic giving you packs never saw it coming
  12. PurpleHaze

    Special EVENT for our Team Muppet Founders!

    I have more movies with some real hero's in it, i think of @Mister J for example. But i'll make one aftermovie from the event with some effects etc. it will be posted later this week
  13. PurpleHaze

    Special EVENT for our Team Muppet Founders!

    @P3Sone here is the uncut movie of the "heroism" of @Charlie
  14. PurpleHaze

    Special EVENT for our Team Muppet Founders!

    i only have video when you hear on ts , go charlie go and then you see charlie trying to go hide in little room with no way out