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  1. Minty

    Throws out of the game

    @Eagle_cz It flushes your entire adapter settings. Mostly the cause of a 00 MAC address is a faulty network adapter or tinkering with it yourself. The flush will fix this by resetting the 'faulty' values and reapplying the correct MAC as it had always been. A 00 MAC address is not allowed by vendor standards so it has to be tinkered with. I never said it will give you a *new* MAC, it will restore your old, normal MAC.
  2. Maybe ET_Beach, Frostbite aswell? Two popular maps with similar problems.
  3. Minty

    Throws out of the game

    You can just open Command Line and input "ipconfig /release" to remove the current settings and then "ipconfig /renew" to apply new settings. This will generally reset your MAC.
  4. Minty

    Throws out of the game

    You can only obtain a MAC address like that by altering it yourself. Did you ever need to tweak your MAC for something?
  5. Minty

    forum game: 3 word story.

    dog in the
  6. Well the 18 / 26 spawn time is mainly based off of balance. If we can find a sweet spot in there like say 15/22 it may be better since it's not as drastic. Lining up the spawn times with each other like this makes it so you'll never be stuck in limbo for a long time since you have time to reposition etc.. I see where you're all coming from but just adding two seconds to both sides will keep giving the same problems: Synchronised spawns causes spawn killing, shorts spawns causes crowded objectives.
  7. My opinion on this has always been that there has to be a slightly longer spawntime on both sides. Spawntimes are a big part of balancing in this game since defence always has a couple advantages. The heavy weapons don't bother me because it's part of the game and the players who use them usually don't know how to use them effectively. Plus in etpro they are usually used for spawn killing when in a positional advantage which isn't allowed. Back to the spawn times, I feel like slightly longer spawntimes won't unbalance the game all that much, especially with higher numbers of players. Something like 26-defense 18-offense feels pretty good and not at all overdone, seeing as most maps have their game times at 25min anyway. It may also discourage more spawnkilling as accidental encounters won't be so common either. A lot of maps like Frostbite, Beach and Goldrush are made with spawnaccess for the allies since it's part of the objective. With low spawn timers it gives the allies an extra disadvantage on those maps because they can't use the spawnway anymore, even when they are already so Axis sided.
  8. Minty

    forum game: 3 word story.

    A Tyrannosaurus Rex
  9. Minty

    forum game: 3 word story.

    She was very
  10. Minty

    Teammuppet meetup @ Belgium

    Hey guys! I thought filling everyone in on the details every so often wouldn't be a bad idea so here goes. @muddeh has officially joined the planning committee and will henceforth be forced to attend! Currently we're looking into some Hostel places and maybe even budget hotels for those who would like to stay for the weekend. Don't worry, we'll try to keep everyone entertained throughout the night aswell! Activities is a touchy subject right now because ofcourse, everyone has different tastes. Luckily it's Bruges so you can do just about anything there. We're planning on maybe having a couple rounds of Lasertag or Paintball to atleast stay in the ET mood. For those with different ideas there's a lot of things out there, and we're always open for suggestions! Seeing as most of the people will be available only at the latest two weekends of August it looks like we'll get to choose between those two. Don't forget to let us know if you will or will not come so we can arrange it faster! We'd like to see as many friendly faces there as possible.
  11. Minty

    Event: Summer is coming!

    Woah woah let's uh... Let's not cancel those just yet huh?
  12. Minty

    Event: Summer is coming!

    This timing seems off. @miraro3 Are you sure this is not a surprise birthday party for me? I'll be there with some booze.
  13. Minty

    Teammuppet meetup @ Belgium

    Oui naturellement, c'est l'idee du meetup.
  14. Minty

    Member map

    I'm going to appear outside of your windows at night now. Muahahahaha HAHAHAAAAA
  15. Minty

    Teammuppet meetup @ Belgium

    Ici c'est tout que tu connait en neerlandais? ce n'est pas mal mec