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  1. Fps drop and Windows 8.1

    Ehmmm..no Purple, same fps, more or less I will try to kick some asses with 40 fps..I wasn't so bad in the past
  2. Fps drop and Windows 8.1

    @PurpleHaze I can't download your cfg, sir (page not available for my account, it says )
  3. Fps drop and Windows 8.1

    Thx Sir, I'll try it
  4. Fps drop and Windows 8.1

    Thank you for ur answers Ya, probably my laptop suck I'm playing with cable, no wifi. I run it in compatibility mode already and also as admin. @PurpleHaze I will attach my cfg thx u! low.cfg
  5. Hey guys, After many years, I'm back :D. I found a laptop (for free) with Windows 8.1 installed, and I soon installed W:ET and joined TM|Nodownload. I'm really happy to be able to play again W:ET, but I'm experiencing an fps drop (20-30 fps) I optimized the system and changed my cfg : in this way I earned 15-20 fps. I was wondering if windows 8 is not very compatible with W:ET. Can it be useful to install Windows XP instead of W 8.1? rEn
  6. Video Montage

    Aahah many times I'm also banned in some servers (haters )
  7. Video Montage

    Hey guys, so, still trying to run ET on Mac. Meanwhile, I made a short COD montage with some of mine gameplays: I cant frag no more on ET, so I kick some asses on COD4. I'm not able to record using COD directly, cmd are not working, so I just recorded the screen. Btw, video quality is not the best (switch to 720p!!), but hope u will appreciate it I also add some audio voices to the main track. Anyway, is just for fun rEn
  8. Installing Windows on Mac

    Meh…so, I can play only on etlegacy servers…but they are completely empty… :3 ET: Legacy is quite useless
  9. Installing Windows on Mac

    Yes, I downloaded the last one (2.74) and run it from package. But it continue to crash Ok, I saw the server list. I will try. Are they populated?
  10. Installing Windows on Mac

    Ok guys, I installed ET:Legacy on another Mac (Mavericks 10.9.5). ET now works, I can connect to the servers. But when I get shoot it crashes. I tried to run ET doing Show package contents -> Contents -> MacOS -> etl, but it continue to crash. Lol every time there is always some problem. Again, can u help me ?
  11. Installing Windows on Mac

    I have Mountain Lion, 10.8.5 Ya, i was looking on apple support: I can't install Windows XP, but Windows 7 will works.
  12. Installing Windows on Mac

    Did it: it didnt work. I asked on ET:Legacy forum. They told me that binary wont work on Mountain Lion, or some library was compiled with never binds (dunno what that it means ). So, I can update my osx or install Windows. But I'm not sure if I want to update Mountain Lion to El Capitan: I'm scared after updating, some apps won't run (I have a lot of cracked apps ); I should do a backup anyway. Another solution is to try compiling ETL by myself, but I dunno how .
  13. Installing Windows on Mac

    I need ur help I downloaded the ET:Legacy installer and also etlegacy binaries. I downloaded Wolfenstein ET and pasted the pak 0,1,2.pk3 in etmain folder: in Library/Application Support/etlegacy/etmain (etmain wasnt there, i created the folder). I tried to run then ET:Legacy but it just not working (icon just jumps for 1 sec then disappears). So I tried to run it from Application/ET:Legacy/etl -> show package contents -> MacOS -> etl, but i have this screen: Nothing is working. Suggestions?
  14. Installing Windows on Mac

    Ok guys, thx u really Let's try and (maybe) see u on server