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  1. @PurpleHaze I can't download your cfg, sir (page not available for my account, it says )
  2. Thx Sir, I'll try it
  3. Thank you for ur answers Ya, probably my laptop suck I'm playing with cable, no wifi. I run it in compatibility mode already and also as admin. @PurpleHaze I will attach my cfg thx u! low.cfg
  4. Hey guys, After many years, I'm back :D. I found a laptop (for free) with Windows 8.1 installed, and I soon installed W:ET and joined TM|Nodownload. I'm really happy to be able to play again W:ET, but I'm experiencing an fps drop (20-30 fps) I optimized the system and changed my cfg : in this way I earned 15-20 fps. I was wondering if windows 8 is not very compatible with W:ET. Can it be useful to install Windows XP instead of W 8.1? rEn
  5. Aahah many times I'm also banned in some servers (haters )
  6. Hey guys, so, still trying to run ET on Mac. Meanwhile, I made a short COD montage with some of mine gameplays: I cant frag no more on ET, so I kick some asses on COD4. I'm not able to record using COD directly, cmd are not working, so I just recorded the screen. Btw, video quality is not the best (switch to 720p!!), but hope u will appreciate it I also add some audio voices to the main track. Anyway, is just for fun rEn
  7. Meh…so, I can play only on etlegacy servers…but they are completely empty… :3 ET: Legacy is quite useless
  8. Yes, I downloaded the last one (2.74) and run it from package. But it continue to crash Ok, I saw the server list. I will try. Are they populated?
  9. Ok guys, I installed ET:Legacy on another Mac (Mavericks 10.9.5). ET now works, I can connect to the servers. But when I get shoot it crashes. I tried to run ET doing Show package contents -> Contents -> MacOS -> etl, but it continue to crash. Lol every time there is always some problem. Again, can u help me ?
  10. I have Mountain Lion, 10.8.5 Ya, i was looking on apple support: I can't install Windows XP, but Windows 7 will works.
  11. Did it: it didnt work. I asked on ET:Legacy forum. They told me that binary wont work on Mountain Lion, or some library was compiled with never binds (dunno what that it means ). So, I can update my osx or install Windows. But I'm not sure if I want to update Mountain Lion to El Capitan: I'm scared after updating, some apps won't run (I have a lot of cracked apps ); I should do a backup anyway. Another solution is to try compiling ETL by myself, but I dunno how .
  12. I need ur help I downloaded the ET:Legacy installer and also etlegacy binaries. I downloaded Wolfenstein ET and pasted the pak 0,1,2.pk3 in etmain folder: in Library/Application Support/etlegacy/etmain (etmain wasnt there, i created the folder). I tried to run then ET:Legacy but it just not working (icon just jumps for 1 sec then disappears). So I tried to run it from Application/ET:Legacy/etl -> show package contents -> MacOS -> etl, but i have this screen: Nothing is working. Suggestions?
  13. Ok guys, thx u really Let's try and (maybe) see u on server
  14. Really? But it works on etpub? Because i heard et legacy runs only on silent server