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  1. TeamSpeak3 Echo reduction/cancellation

    well so buy wine insteed metaxa and come to me it wont solve Your problems but atlest we will have a drink
  2. no level

    we have xp save only for 6 months, if You didnt play its lost
  3. TeamSpeak3 Echo reduction/cancellation

    the best way to fix TS problems (all problems) is: 1.instal team viewer 2.sen your id to Eagle 3.Eagle will fix all problems 4. send metaxa to Eagle that simple....
  4. Welcome To TeamMuppet: w3st

    hmm i think I saw You on server, welcome on forum
  5. C#

    haha better late than never , nice intro and I like Your name hehe yeah I remember talking with you and Jess atlest 3 times about sk rules
  6. The MuppetMail #6

    sorry when we wrote this your baby muppet wasnt born yet
  7. no level

    your been a bad bad boy? haha come on server tonight will give it back
  8. Halloween's bloody afterparty

    it was great thx Guys. Muppet power! give warm thx to Purple who organize it and make great poster!
  9. The MuppetMail #6

    metaxa for Eagle and You will have event even on wednesday
  10. The MuppetMail #6

    me too
  11. Halloween's bloody afterparty

    Charlie, Mini, Xantipia, Ownix and everybody who go to work, will play on phone You cant be working all the time its boring have some fun
  12. Wishes to Karin and Eeric

    Warm Wishes to Karin and Eeric who bring us new baby muppet! A beautiful princess has joined your family, I take great pleasure in wishing you the very best as you embark on teaching her everything she will require while growing into a beautiful young woman. I hope You all feel fine and will join us soon, please show some pics and we all wish You all the best!
  13. Welcome To TeamMuppet: Lionhead

    hehe nice name, welcome
  14. Halloween's bloody afterparty

    o yeah more bloooooood, great job PurpleHaze
  15. Event: Halloween

    Warm thx to Eagle and event team to plan and set server and Also warn thx for everybody who showed on event and Ts it was great fun