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  1. Niki


    eee didnt we talk something about you coming to poland with bottle of wine? tags aint cheap
  2. Niki

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: DaniloChavez

    welcome on forum
  3. Niki

    Trickjump and boostjump

    ok to end up topic will quote Toni here I think he wrote it in the most understandable way. to sum up: -Trickjump for obj is not allowed, also to end map in any way (dyna, flag obj etc) -Trickjump is allowed for other reasons than to get obj or end map -Boostjump is allowed (in all cases) it dont need any special skills its consider as team work
  4. Niki

    Trickjump and boostjump

    when you go on teammate head and he push you to go for example on the wall endind this conversation.... What isnt clear in the rules we have now "no trickjump for objective" ? do we really need to write what you can and cant do on every map? or like Mini notice use common sense?
  5. Niki

    Trickjump and boostjump

    Yes and No You cannot use trickjump or boostjumps to make let call it main obj who will end map for example You cannot make human piramide on oasis to put dynamite at back of gun but You can use it to get to bunker window on battery but You can use boostjump to get flag at bunker on delivery before you as allies blow up wall
  6. Niki

    Lua weapons

    maybe try to send private message to Eagle?
  7. Niki


    /banned +1 for Niki
  8. Niki

    Firepower Panzer

    Pipo nothing was change since october.... and than was change darius not power of panzer so you need to fire more directly than just in floor if this is so much problem why you noticed it after 7 months?
  9. Niki


    more or less when he connects? I can ban rim using remote admin console, dont need to connect. Will try to catch him today...just need to observe qtracker
  10. Niki


    You do now change nick or perm ban
  11. Niki

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: shiromev

    welcome on forum
  12. Niki

    Easter Event

    Haha I love the poster great idea
  13. Niki

    Lua weapons

    bird didnt land yet
  14. Niki

    Cant choose a map.

    the only case I force map by rcon is when I add new map, im alone on server and I need to test if it works/bots do obj etc. never when are people on server and pinkys never remember any password anyway
  15. Niki

    Cant choose a map.

    it can happend if somebody force map by rcon or so....i just check it and vote works meaby it was one time bug there isnt nextmap vote becouse there is always map somebody dont like and will vote for it, if You play alone with bots you the only one to vote to choose what you like