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  1. Niki

    Easter Event

    Haha I love the poster great idea
  2. Niki

    Lua weapons

    bird didnt land yet
  3. Niki

    Cant choose a map.

    the only case I force map by rcon is when I add new map, im alone on server and I need to test if it works/bots do obj etc. never when are people on server and pinkys never remember any password anyway
  4. Niki

    Cant choose a map.

    it can happend if somebody force map by rcon or so....i just check it and vote works meaby it was one time bug there isnt nextmap vote becouse there is always map somebody dont like and will vote for it, if You play alone with bots you the only one to vote to choose what you like
  5. Niki

    ET:Legacy map requests

    sure people from legacy start voting....
  6. Niki

    Domination Event Aftermovie

    thats great
  7. Niki

    Special EVENT for our Team Muppet Founders!

    I only yell on You and Eagle when You deserve it
  8. Niki

    Special EVENT for our Team Muppet Founders!

    why i always have to be capture on movie when I say something
  9. Niki

    Ode to Wolfenstein

    I love the benny hills part
  10. Niki

    Special EVENT for our Team Muppet Founders!

    Great Thx to @PurpleHaze have it was his first event made by himself and He did great job, also big thx to event team for help. But the bigges thx goes to @MrMuppet and @MiniMuppet to make this community alive and kicking and make this the best place in the world we also call our home Ps: My cat also wanted to play and sit on my knees almost whole game
  11. Niki

    Special EVENT for our Team Muppet Founders!

    You both say it like marriage wasnt the happiest thing in your both lifes....(notice logs can be used against You :d)
  12. Niki

    no guid on nitmod

    if I see You on server can come and give You level, but cannot restore xp
  13. Niki

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: nerdle

    Hey welcome on forum
  14. Niki


    Hi Nerdle Et is good and kicking, nice to see some old player coming back to this game. Like Mini said also visit our main etpub server and soon join us at our event have fun and see You at war
  15. Niki

    Special EVENT for our Team Muppet Founders!

    if sign says 19GMT all brexit comes at 19.00 including Charlie rest of europe need to add time to this hour, for example its +1 for me