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  1. yeyyy big congrats Girl, everything whats the best on Your new life. Much love and smiles. Come back to play sometimes
  2. where he had
  3. actually good idea for event. lets make one without anything just primary weapon ooo and better no weapons at all if you want to kill enemy you have to run to him ad make kamikadze blow that will be cool
  4. I have to agree with Miraro, many elements of game are annoying I personally would start from panza but we cant limit it all
  5. and smoke weed
  6. is her name also Luna? like mine
  7. Kunt ?
  8. !wine
  9. done and done (I also disable heavy weapons on chicken_bucket for testing meaby this map will be more playable lets see)
  10. Hey welcome on forum, look around and have fun
  11. Hey welcome on forum, look around and have fun
  12. yeah generally yes but we needed with PPTP protocol and we needed this connection for Ketiv work or his clients, I think it doesent work becouse its the most simplest kind of connection not the saves one
  13. can forget about
  14. Can I fly?
  15. this year movie with Tom Cruise