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  1. Forum Levels

    and I guess You absolutly have no idea why it is this way?
  2. My new wall in my home office ^^

    haha I have exact the same cabinet in my bedroom You play guitar? they look nice
  3. Forum Levels

    No No once a muppet always a muppet I also member You and Im very sorry it was my bad, but its all fixed If You ever come back to game You are also welcome to join us back
  4. Forum Levels

    what level did You had?
  5. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    BUT, you are not allowed to play with more than 1 player who isn't a part of your team already. so You can choose Venom or Pesone or Minty or Street My candidate will be also Citrus
  6. Old Applications

    +1 Jess I remember when we first come with ketiv to this server and introduce ourselfs and our story bring a lot of fun
  7. Forum Levels

    dont worry everything under control but if somebody dont have his level let me know
  8. Welcome To TeamMuppet: DCougar

    welcome on forum:)
  9. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  10. Welcome To TeamMuppet: Loops

    Welcome on forum
  11. Purple's gonna have fps

    so on what did you play before that You look so happy about pc? mobile phone ?:D
  12. Pornography

    haha Charlie Bond 00Muppet
  13. My user in Splatterladder

    Im lost a bit:D I change your forum name to Ctrz and Your name that Sl and Tb sees is <=TM=>CTRZ^^ You want to change it or now will stay as it is? and like Eagle said we need to know is somebody change name on server to change it on Tb and Sl, so request to everybody write it here: http://teammuppet.eu/home/forums/forum/308-name-changes/
  14. Forum up date

    in the left bottom on forum You can change theme and use carbon it would look like old forum...
  15. Welcome To TeamMuppet: Maggot

    ooo Maggot finally, welcome on forum