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  1. miraro3

    The Internet

    Oh the memories.
  2. miraro3

    Happy NewYear!

    Happy new year boys and girls!
  3. miraro3

    Merry Christmas !!!!

    Merry christmas to all!
  4. miraro3

    X-mas EVENT

    Yes, I'm proud of him!
  5. miraro3

    X-mas EVENT

    That poster looks awesome!
  6. miraro3

    TeamSpeak3 Echo reduction/cancellation

    If you have space in your case for a "normal" soundcard I would recommend that one, but if you haven't you can try a USB one instead, their prices aren't that high I think? Either way it's a good way to eliminate the possibility of it being your soundcard
  7. miraro3

    TeamSpeak3 Echo reduction/cancellation

    Get a cheapish Realtek soundcard to try with. On board soundcards can act funny for different reasons
  8. miraro3

    TeamSpeak3 Echo reduction/cancellation

    It's a joke and Eagle's in depth explaination isn't bad at all, but I still believe that the biggest reason for echo isn't because of user settings. Unless we have a different definition of echo of course.
  9. miraro3

    The MuppetMail #6

    Won't happen again
  10. miraro3

    The MuppetMail #6

    The grammar makes this hard to read. It's hardly a Muppet Mail either but more like a brochure about the current leadership. I do like the fact that you somewhat kept the old design. May I suggest that you guys create a page for Muppet mails to be posted on? Not only will it improve readability but it will also allow you to write future editions in html format which will give you a lot more flexibility.