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  1. <3
  2. Since it's a laptop, can we assume that you were playing with a wireless internet connection? Welcome back by the way!
  3. The pun is real!
  4. 110% the funniest thing that has happened here Unless.. when I think about the time that @VenoM came up with GEREGE. I cried as well.
  5. Increasing the recharge time would be limiting it my friend I don't think it resets, or does it?
  6. Can't see a f*cking thing. A part of me died laughing that night, lmfao.
  7. its possible to increase the charge time for covert ops but it would affect the satchels as well. I personally don't think they should get limited, they can be annoying indeed but that is what they are supposed to be ^^
  8. Because* Odd that your VPN doesn't take IPv6 into account, aren't there any settings for it to make it work with IPv6?
  9. Remove those backup files, they don't mean anything important. Also, have you tried any of the other suggestions posted above? Did you try what Mint suggested?
  10. Might also be a good idea to set one of the banners up to say "we have changed the spawntimes for map X, let us know what you think about it on our forum!". It will make the people aware of the change and at the same time encourage them to pay us a visit here.
  11. Yes, I think my statistics have the same results. That's why we used to have events every first Saturday of the month Well of course dear lad, you may reserve some of my time. Feel free to send me a PM with a preffer time & date and I'll see if I can schedule it in. My first upcomming free moment is Sunday afternoon.
  12. Mr Miraro never hides I suggest we throw in a panzerwar event next. Any preffered dates?
  13. Sometimes the only way to see change is by drastic changes. Can I ask what spawntimes you chose?
  14. No, it's not possible I think. Won't not want Niki! And you should try it before writing it off as too long I think. You can try it out for a week and after that week start a poll to see if the people think the spawn time was too high or not.
  15. Spawn times have been changed many times! About the heavy weapons. I hate them as much as the next guy when the teams are small, but they are part of the game and should not be limited any further as they are right now. I have ranted on this before so I'm not going to do so again