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  5. oliveira pt

    Back to business

    welcome just come to play on beg server
  6. Jessica

    Back to business

    Welcome back Wolf, we just need a small group to start on EtPub, to gain a full pack
  7. zxczxc

    Back to business

    Welcome back.The bad news are that the server is dead.I hope after the summer,it will be full.
  8. Earlier
  9. Rolf

    Back to business

    Hallo gentlemans,ladies and eagle. If someone think where is Rolf been, im not dead. i was kept a break, because i have some config (alcohol) problems which have been solved now, and im (sober) ready come back play in nodownload server without lagging. But we will see toninght guys in nodownload server! Tiocfaidh ár lá! kääåpiöjakoira.mp4
  10. Dropping by..

    1. Charlie


      Is this where I handcuff you to TM and tell you you can never go away again?

      Hope all is well on your end :D 

  11. PurpleHaze

    World Cup

    I'm wondering if Modric hairdresser is still around to do that beautiful Croatian flag hairdres.
  12. centaur

    World Cup

    Go Croatie :D
  13. PurpleHaze

    World Cup

    i hope you mean that ironic. France is about the worst football i've seen in years, nasty and not playing. Croatie always wait untill something happens to do something. The real final is on saturday, at least those teams will play football Expectation sunday: Boring game, France will score accidently, croatia will make a goal cause they have to. Croatie will win on penaltys, cause France is really not that good players
  14. JaR

    World Cup

    I just want to do a HUGE Shout-out and HUGE Congratulations to team FRANCE and CROATIA !!!! This is why you play the Game.......... and why its so EXCITING !!!!! GOOD LUCK to both :-)
  15. Jessica

    beg server

    Hi Charlie, The mentality on the beginner server is not the same as on EtPub. On beginner, people play more for fun, and big maps could work on beginner, where it would fail on EtPub.
  16. oliveira pt

    beg server

    if the eng have at least two tripmines per player instead per team it will be better i guess some off the map i post here already played in our server like lighthouse and 1944 Beach (Final) good maps to be playing there i hope
  17. Charlie

    beg server

    I think the engi and medic hp is fine for what settings we have on the server. Fast shooting negates what good medics can do ... usually ... kinda Admins are chatting about stuff to basically get people playing and server settings are one of them, but I'm personally hesitant on changing core things. We'll see what happens. Changing trip mines like that might need something changed which the admin team just aren't capable of unfortunately. Fine tuning like that is difficult. If you have a cap of say 10 trip mines per team and that is distributed between the engi evenly then I like that, but if it's like 10 each then god no haha. But like I said. Difficult. We can add and remove whatever maps people like, but keep in mind they need to have waypoints, and massive maps will probably be rejected due to the how many frequent the server. X-Labs and anything MLB are far too big, and CTF maps like steelplant need special map configs or they just won't end. Or something.
  18. Grobar

    beg server

    As you know i didnt play so much these day's :)....but yes,i agree with Oli.
  19. oliveira pt

    beg server

    sense we make new changes on pub now its time to make it on beg we need new maps i mean i like to see some of the old maps we normaly play do you guys remember the names help me out classes: engenieer must have more hp and tripmines per player not per team if possibel medics reduce a bit HP so we can balance players/classes panzer must be always availabel you welcome jess maps: 1944 Beach (Final) love this one; X-Labs (Final) ; TankBuster 2.0.0 ; Tank Escort (Beta 3) ; Tank (Beta 3) ; Storage Facility (FP) ; Steelplant 2 (Final) ; Nightmare (Final) ; Night Fight (Beta 2) ; MLB D-Day (Final) ; Lighthouse (Final 2) put this one to; 1944 Overlord ; 1944 Omaha (Beta3)
  20. It's coming home

    1. AoS|Stumpel|FIN


      Welcome home Charlie

  21. AoS|Stumpel|FIN


  22. It's over!!!!!

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    2. VenoM


      Why are you talking polish to me?

    3. =OsiK=


      because I do not know Finnish :P

    4. P3Swan
  23. Eagle_cz

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: Scarphase

    welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay here
  24. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  25. MrMuppet

    Welcome To TeamMuppet: Scarphase

    Hello Scarphase, Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Scarphase joined on the 06/19/2018. View Member
  26. Any one plays quake champions?

  27. RedDwarf

    ET:Legacy map requests

    Where did Navarone go?
  28. Niki


    eee didnt we talk something about you coming to poland with bottle of wine? tags aint cheap
  29. HawK

    The Internet

  30. Grobbebol


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