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  3. Event: Panzermania

    Long time no see! First of all, the event team would like to apologise for the long time between now and our last event. There have been some internal issues with our team and I personally didn't want to plan an event during the summer time because I knew all of you would be out having great hollidays around the world anyways! Having that said, our event team is back in bussiness. Not only are we back we are added a new member to the event team! I know this has been announced elsewhere but this guy deserves a spot on the homepage for volunteering to help us out! Please congratulate @Ctrz aka "c#" once again with his position in the event team. The event we have prepared for you is one I know some of you have been waiting for: a panzerwar event! Our team has made a selection of maps for you and has added a few extras to our server to surprise you on the day of the event. I cincerely hope that you'll enjoy this event. Date: 30th September, 2017 Time: 7pm GMT (that's the time they use in the UK!) Server: This might be the last event I will present to you guys. So I would like to take advantage of this moment to say thank you to all of the people who have attented our past events and made them as much fun as they were. I would also like to express my gratitude to the people who have made my time in TM as great as it has been, you know who you are. Things aren't like they have been around here, but the awesome memories I have with you people will never go away. ~ Ben
  4. Forum Levels

    and I guess You absolutly have no idea why it is this way?
  5. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    Everyone who's interested, go to: sincerly, TeamMuppet-proteam
  6. Forum Levels

    Have been lots of ppl during my time here that got Regular as title when they stepped down from TM, how and why I dont know altho some ppl deserved it :/
  7. Last week
  8. Forum Levels

    Set what? I remember I was almost 5 years in <=TM=> and then left for my own reason, but still got marked as regular... What I can say many others has set as ex-member with even much more smaller membership timings, but I got that regular as my profile comment says.. Its still funny joke or not, I'm anyways remembered as ex member, not just a regular.. Ranks are ranks they can set how the onwer of the forum wants.. but mind and life the owner cant change.. Ok ok again I post something bit weird here but it was just little words about ranks as Charlie aka Loverboy wanted people to write..
  9. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    And here is our discord aswell: https://discord.gg/K2tvg9
  10. My new wall in my home office ^^

    haha I have exact the same cabinet in my bedroom You play guitar? they look nice
  11. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    Here you go for the site: http://www.lod-etpro-event.com/ Group stages will be done the 18th October
  12. Old Applications

    Coco wanted to join
  13. Forum Levels

    No No once a muppet always a muppet I also member You and Im very sorry it was my bad, but its all fixed If You ever come back to game You are also welcome to join us back
  14. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    Formating C: this Thursday, epic skillboost incoming, count me in !
  15. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    Yes, being part of your etpro team count as such, no problems there! :-)
  16. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    Our ETPro crew is partially made up of regular TeamMuppet players, not neccecarily TeamMuppet clan members. Would those players be allowed to play with us as well? Their registration to our website could be proof of their affiliation with us, if that helps Well, you're going to be part of the 6 so I'll hold you responsible if things go wrong! Amen to that, gerege compadre!
  17. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    I believe it when I see it
  18. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    Thanks, but I'm pretty sure, considering the ammount of players your Trackbase page contains, that you can gather 6 players 1 time a week for a match :-) http://et.trackbase.net/clan/83/ There is no registration needed, you can play with any players for this cup. But they must be part of the team community prior the sign up registration limit.
  19. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    Yep. Thats how it should be. We can think about some etpro games from now on? C#
  20. Forum Levels

    I remember you Mr Slarty!
  21. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    What are you babbeling about? We can get 6 easily and win that tournament running backwards!
  22. Forum Levels

    Was ex but I guess its been so long that no one remember any longer hehe
  23. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    Count me in!
  24. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    Nice initiative! I don't think there are enough active players in this community though to compete in 6on6. We used to have regular internal games a while back, but then a few guys quit and were busy with life so we weren't really able to keep it going unfortunately. @Niki Pretty sure he means players who are not registered. Being part of TM or not is totally irrelevant. Like imagine a situation where you find out last minute that out of the registered guys only five can play then you'd be allowed to add one merc.
  25. Forum Levels

    what level did You had?
  26. ETPro - Public Teams - Invitational event

    BUT, you are not allowed to play with more than 1 player who isn't a part of your team already. so You can choose Venom or Pesone or Minty or Street My candidate will be also Citrus
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