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  2. TeamSpeak3 Echo reduction/cancellation

    right now i use stee lseries siberia 200 model but i others what i use was cheap chinese crap and Trust..but ok i buy myself a new one tomorrow and ill try a again
  3. TeamSpeak3 Echo reduction/cancellation

    Yes! cheap and "millionars" editions
  4. Welcome To TeamMuppet: w3st

    Nice to see you here bro COYS!
  5. haha hey schatje @muddeh . Ik zit hier op de plee even flink te drukken, mijn darmen rommelen toch nog wat sinds jij dat konijntje levend in de pan hebt gekookt gisteren en we er samen van hebben gesmikkeld. Hoe is het met jouw poperij?

  6. tiny lags on beginners

    Try /r_primitives 2 If not the update might not agree with ET, i dunno.
  7. Last week
  8. tiny lags on beginners

    sense my last grafic updates i start to having small lags on beginners mostly impossibel to play any suggestions
  9. no level

    i start playing there again few week and i lost that xp to
  10. TeamSpeak3 Echo reduction/cancellation

    That is nice idea i can take wine and metaxa but travel money is little bit problem
  11. TeamSpeak3 Echo reduction/cancellation

    well so buy wine insteed metaxa and come to me it wont solve Your problems but atlest we will have a drink
  12. TeamSpeak3 Echo reduction/cancellation

    Ealge the best bird in the world have fixed lot of my problems whit team viewer but i affraid this problem is little bit bigger:S Not only ts not working but everything whit microphone (changed it too and this didnt help) New Win ,motherboard and so on didnt help
  13. no level

    we have xp save only for 6 months, if You didnt play its lost
  14. TeamSpeak3 Echo reduction/cancellation

    the best way to fix TS problems (all problems) is: 1.instal team viewer 2.sen your id to Eagle 3.Eagle will fix all problems 4. send metaxa to Eagle that simple....
  15. TeamSpeak3 Echo reduction/cancellation

    damn i have so bad echo when i speak ....and i dont know how to fix it :S

    wait what? that path seems wrong. Ok so what you do : Go to your etlegacy gamefolder and go to etmain. You will find a file etkey, copy this to somwhere else. (your documents or something). Now delete your enemy territory in control panel (add remove programs). Now try again to install it should create program files (x86) - wolfenstein enemy territory - etmain. copy your etkey to that folder! Other: you should also check your shortcut, right click it and go to comptability. Be sure to put it in win xp and ony exec as admin. (this helps with lots of windows problems) 3: that config file i was talking about has to do with grahpics, resolutions and binds. but that can't be reason why it doesn't load. If still not working, let me know.

    thank s for your help purple, I m bad at doing these manipulations... don t have cfg...

    @GoLdFiNgEr well easy fix mate, go to our front page and download ET 2.60b (god i miss 2.55, no version problems back then ). You never had this version? Cause you might want to make a config file (.cfg file) to make your graphics/performance optimal. (if you ever need help or have questions, i think i know 90 percent off values in that file, whole reason why i don't switch to legacy) I'll even make it easier for you. Just click download and install Just don't forget that you wil have to move your etkey from your old ETmain folder to your new one. Let me know if you need help.

    so i can do Nothing? i have win10. i can t play ETPRO?

    ET Legacy dont support ETPro. https://dev.etlegacy.com/projects/etlegacy/wiki/Compatible_Mods

    I use ET LEGACY, forgot to say it... Is that a problem ?

    You need latest ET patch. http://teammuppet.eu/home/files/file/129-new-26b-patch-easy-fast/

    hi all, I just tried to connect to but it tells me "INCORRECT ET.EXE VERSION" , someone had same problem or can help me to fix it? thank you
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