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  2. Congrats
  3. <3
  4. yeyyy big congrats Girl, everything whats the best on Your new life. Much love and smiles. Come back to play sometimes
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  6. i don't want an other taste of your VENOM

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  8. Congrats @Temptin and @SpeedyTaco on your wedding today!! You guys deserve all the happiness in the world
  9. paly play fintards

    1. P3Sone


      Victor is avi 4 some pälys :)

    2. Minty


      monty is avi in about 4 hours

  10. Tnks Toni @Ren better fps?
  11. there is no spoon venni.

  12. @PurpleHaze I can't download your cfg, sir (page not available for my account, it says )
  13. big tasty onion
  14. where he had
  15. actually good idea for event. lets make one without anything just primary weapon ooo and better no weapons at all if you want to kill enemy you have to run to him ad make kamikadze blow that will be cool
  16. into TOMOYO's mansion
  17. i wanna see proof!
  18. Thats an idea for a new confusing tattoo
  19. My name is J. Mister J. :detective:

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  21. that ain't gonna help a lot, that config is just FUBAR. Sorry but it's made for a graphic card, you don't have, it's normal your fps goes down. I have attached my config, used for laptop with intel card (so for low settings), when my laptop is cold i can get 125 stable, my problem is my laptop heats up too much in summer Things you have to change: *look at binds, cause you might use other binds *seta name : you'll have to change *seta m_pitch: if you don't play inverted remove the - *seta r_customwidth and seta r_customheight : set this first to your maximum resolution. (I have widescreen connected so use 1920-1080, but if you don't have widescreen it will probably be 1920-1024) NEXT STEP: TRY IT Works? great, remind yourself Purple is the best DOESN'T WORK, NEXT STEP: Lower resolution to 1600 - 1200, if not good go to 1280 * 1024. Me personaly i wouldn't go lower then that. (some play 1024 - 768, but for me it ruins the game). Works? Remind yourself Purple is the best DOESN'T WORK? Remind yourself Purple is still the best, but just needs more info what happens. Let me know how it plays out. settings.cfg
  22. Thx Sir, I'll try it
  23. well, I don't see nothing wrong except this: seta com_zoneMegs "16" seta com_hunkMegs "1024" try to replace it with this: seta com_hunkMegs "196" seta com_zoneMegs "32" also, maybe, replace also this value: seta com_soundMegs "64"
  24. Thank you for ur answers Ya, probably my laptop suck I'm playing with cable, no wifi. I run it in compatibility mode already and also as admin. @PurpleHaze I will attach my cfg thx u! low.cfg
  25. I run mine on 8.1, run it as admin and connected via wifi or cable (depends where I play) and it does normal fps and no lag. So I dont think you can blame win8.1 for much. C#
  26. Don't listen, no need for reinstalling your OS for ET although using Windows8 is good reason to reinstall an other OS, but because of ET. Just run in in comptability mode, oh ye and run it as an admin! Miraro his question btw is a good one, playing wireless? If you're not playing wireless and this settings don't help, can you send your cfg so we can check that. I'm a hero with fps settings, i love my powerpoint-ET-laptop game
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