Competition: Win A TeamMuppet shirt! - 18/02

    By miraro3,

    Just a reminder for those of you who didn't follow the poll: We will have our deathmatch competition tomorrow night (or tonight if you're reading this on Saturday) to decide who will win the TeamMuppet shirt!

    I know most of you hate reading long posts so I will keep this one short :D Here is a list of the most important information regarding this event:

    Deathmatch server:
    Time & Date: 7pm GMT 18/02/2017
    People who are allowed to compete: TeamMuppet
    members, friends and ex-members

    Depending on the amount of people who are going to join the competition we will have an amount of pre-selection rounds. To win a round you will have to be the first to reach 30 kills. People who won a pre-selection round will be allowed to play in the final round. If you win a round you are still allowed to compete in the next rounds, but if you win those rounds the "finals spot" will be given to the player who has the highest amount of kills after you.

    The amount of pre-selection rounds will be determined tomorrow night. I will post in this topic when we start our first round and I will post again when we will start our final round. This topic will also be updated with the winners of every round leading up to the final round.

    Everybody is invited to spectate the event and everybody is allowed to place their bets on this topic as well. Who do you think will win this event? Will it be @VenoM who has been training for this day to come, or will it be an underdog like @Raiko who will steal the prize away from him?

    Just one last reminder of what you will be competing for...


    Good luck!

    Event: Hide And Seek (With UJE clan!)

    By miraro3,


    Ladies and gentlesoldiers,

    I am proud to present to you the first ever cross-community event in the history of TeamMuppet. A big thanks to @Niek from UJE who made this a possibility.

    On Saturday the 11th of February we invite all of you on our event server for our next Hide and Seek event. This mod has been an all time favourite of the Muppets, if you haven't played it before I would advice you to join us for this!

    Adding to the already entertaining mod we will be joined by some of the guys from the UJE clan and the 1944 clan to make this even more fun. I have been told that they have not played this mod before, so let's introduce them to it in a true Muppet fashion and make this night a night filled with laughter!

    Doors will open at 8pm GMT (That's 9 for the folks in the Brussels timezone and even later for the fintards!).

    I'm looking forward to this. Are you?!

    - The event team

    -> For people wondering about the giveaway: we haven't forgotten about this :D We will choose the winner of the TM shirt with another deathmatch event. I have heard that @P3Sone will not be competing so everybody will have a fair chance of winning :D Expect a poll to vote on a date in the management section soon!

    Please join the server before the event to make sure you were able to download all the files. If something went wrong you can post here or contact me via PM and we will figure out what the problem is. Thanks!

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    11/02/2017 - Hide and seek event with UJE clan - Be there!
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    Happy New Year

    By MiniMuppet,



    Happy New Year from all the muppets, Hope you all have a great night and new year :beer:

    Event: Christmas!

    By miraro3,


    It's a little bit early to wish you guys a merry Christmas, but we are going to do it anyways.

    The admin team and event team wish all you Muppets out there a merry Christmas!

    We hope that all of you will be able to spend time with your loved ones during the coldest days of the year. Forget all of the problems in the world for once and focus on the really important things in life. Like good food, a couple of drinks and Christmas gifts. But also family.

    For as far as we're concerned all you are family to us and we hope we can celebrate the Christmas days together as a family! According to tradition we have prepared a Jaymod Christmas server with all the bells and whistles that we all love so much.

    To get into the Christmas spirit I would love if everybody that reads this would post something they like about TeamMuppet as a reply to this topic. Either something about the community as a whole, or just a funny memory you have about a specific TM member. I'm curious to see what you guys will come up with!

    Since almost nobody read my previous wall of text completely I will keep this topic short :D (Shout out to @Macka and @Charlie for reading it though! <3 )

    -> Friday 23 December, 7pm GMT,, be there!

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    I made this topic short for once, don't be lazy and read the thing! <3
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