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    Friendly match! - 5.5.2018

    By Eagle_cz,


    Hi guys, friends, players...

    We playing the game that is somehow connected with WWII and in these days war ended. That's why we want to invite you for friendly fight on our etpub server, to enjoy some fun with friends and on the end maybe this small 'event' will turn to booze night session :)

    Date: 5.5.2018

    Time: 800 PM CEST (GMT+2)  or use this link if u are unsure: https://time.is/CEST

    Server: etpub.teammuppet.com (

    TS3: ts.teammuppet.com

    See ya there!



    Easter Event

    By PurpleHaze,


    Dear Muppets,

    The time is near for a next Event. 

    Since we called it an easter event and everyone is already full of chocolate, we gonna look for eachother instead of Eggs. 

    This time the date was up to you guys, So this Friday you are all welcome on our event server for some classic H&S. 

    16 adapted maps are ready for you to discover, but be sure not to be discovered :) 


    Date: 20-04-2018 19pm GMT (the same hour is all the other events lol :) )

    Join us at Ts.teammuppet.com.

    See you there and enjoy,

    TeamMuppet - Eventteam

    Domination Event Aftermovie

    By PurpleHaze,


    Special EVENT for our Team Muppet Founders!

    By PurpleHaze,


    Dear Muppets, friends and visitors,

    Now the snowflakes are gone, the turkeys are digested and the first sunbeams are filling the room.

    Prepare for the first Event of 2018!

    This Event will be in honour of the people that brought us all together, the people who are the heart of Team Muppet, this is a special thanks to them, so be sure to liberate your calendars and be there!

    Since this is in their honour, the event-team pulled every string they had to make this one mind blowing.

    20 Special adapted Maps, a ball, two or more goals, lots of extra's, lots of laughter, all just waiting for you. 

    When? 03/03/2018 19:00 GMT (see what time you have in gmt? Click here :) )


    Laughter? TeamSpeak => ts.teammuppet.com


    TM-Event Team!