Event: Capture The Balls

    By miraro3,

    [Poster coming soon]

    Time to announce our next event: Capture the balls!

    I know what you guys might be thinking right now. You can not wait to go out there and capture some balls. Well, we agree with you and would like to invite you to join us on our quest to capture as many balls as possible on the first of Octobre on our event server.

    Eagle has installed the domination mod on our server along with our event modifications.

    The domination mod is a "capture the flag"-like mod that reminds me a little bit of rugby. In every map of there is a "ball" that you need to capture and bring to your enemy team's goal. If you manage to make a touchdown (bring the ball to the goal) you team will earn some points. You can not shoot while holding the ball, but you will automatically regenerate HP while holding it.

    To steal the ball from an enemy player you can kill him to make him drop the ball or push him to steal the ball from him without killing him. There are other fun mechanics to it that you will have to figure out for yourselves on the night of the event.

    From now on me and Eagle will organize an event every first Saturday of the month. With an afterparty on the Sunday the week after that (so that would be the second Sunday of every month) The event will allways start at 7pm and the event IP will always stay the same.

    Also don't forget about our afterparty on the 9th of Octobre!

    We hope to see you there!

    - Eagle & Miraro3

    Tl;dr section:
    Domination mod, 1/10/16, 7pm
    Copy&Paste section:
    TeamSpeak3 section:

    Note: there is currently a problem with file downloads on our event server. You can download the mod files directly from the link above. Extract the 'domination' folder from the .zip file into your Wolfenstein - Enemy territory folder.

    The download issues have been fixed thanks to the help of @MrMuppet. You should be able to just connect to the server now and get the domination files from there. I will leave the download link here in case any unexpected problems arise on the night of the event.

    Event: Jap Map Night Survey

    By miraro3,

    Thanks for everyone who supported this event. Last night was the after party, only 1 guest + Eagle were there to enjoy the Japanese maps one last time.
    Only 2 players isn't a lot, but if those two players enjoyed themselves that night I am a happy camper.

    Eagle and me will start working on a next event. I have a couple of ideas ready but if there is something you really really want us to do next, now is your chance to let me know:D

    Take a moment to answer the questions of the poll if you have a minute. They will help us make better events for you in the future! Thanks.

    Teamspeak 3 move

    By MiniMuppet,



    Teamspeak 3 server updated to new IP address:





    Please let us know if any permissions are not correct.

    Server move

    By MiniMuppet,

    The etpub nodownload server will be moving IP tomorrow 

    New IP

    You can still connect using etpub.teammuppet.com or nd.teammuppet.com

    If you connect to the old ip you will be redirected to new server.

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