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    Quiz Time

    By Niki,

    Hello dear muppets and friends,

    Its fun time! for 3 next weeks I invite you to join me on TS, Chat and server and take part of our muppet quiz. Will ask questions about our clan, about our game and....music questions.

    PART ONE: start 06.08.2017 19.00 (GMT) on our chat -15 super hard questions about ET, we play it but do we know anything about it?

    PART TWO: start 13.08.2017 19.00 (GMT) on our TS- 15 great music hits to guess we all know and love

    PART THREE: start 20.08.2017 19.00 (GMT) on our ETpub server- 15 super hard question about our clan, do You know our rules?

    PRIZES, PRIZES- every winner gets to choose whatever map She/He wants to be put and what ever TM server She/he wants for at least 2 weeks, if players would like map it will stay. (the only conditions is minimum 3 players in each contest)

    all accurate rules will be given before contest.

                                                                                           Let the best Muppet wins!


    Event: Summer is coming!

    By miraro3,


    Boys and girls, the summer is coming and that is something we need to celebrate!

    @Niki invites all of us to gather one last time on the server before the summer takes off officially. We shall have drinks, we shall have laughs and more importantly we shall sweat a lot while gaming through the night!

    The event is planned on the 23rd of June (that's next friday!) and will start at 7pm GMT. Those who want can join earlier, but the festivities will not start before 7! Those who are late will be forced to buy a beer for the whole group during the upcomming TeamMuppet meetup in Bruges! :D

    For those of you with traveling plans, please postpone those plans untill after the event. Book new tickets for the airplane if needed. This event is to be taken seriously because I want to see all of your lovely faces on the server that night! <3


    New map Dingenskirchen Beta 2

    By MiniMuppet,

    This is a new map and we were wondering if you guys would like to give it a try on the server. The download is pretty big at 60mb so we have already added the map to the download list.


    The end of an era

    By MrMuppet,

    Dark Alchemy Gaming Community closed soon


    Dark Alchemy 2005 ~ 2017 - 12 Years of Gaming

    Dear Regulars, Members and Followers, unfortunately we have to announce that on 31 March 2017 Dark Alchemy will be closed permanently.

    This difficult decision was taken after a long period of observation, which led us to the conclusion that nowadays the Enemy Territory community is increasingly shrinking, and that for a community like ours, this reduction generates an activity equal or less than 20 % compared to a few years ago, when to enter the server you had to wait a few free slot.

    Since 2005 we have been pioneers and have set an excellent base that allowed us to have fun and entertain many players for over 10 years.

    Today we are able to decide to close with pride, avoiding to let the time and the lack of players to force us to do so.

    For all the work done over the years, and all the players, the members, the former members and donors, who have honoured us with their presence, I express best thanks, hoping that all these years alongside Dark Alchemy, have left in you something pleasant and positive.

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