Event: What If Everyone Was A Hacker

    By miraro3,



    As we are doing the final configuations to set up the server, I am proud to officially announce to you the first Eagle and Miraro collaboration: What If Everyone Was A Hacker. Time, date and place included!

    The event will be run on an ETpub modification that will simulate the effect of you, me and everyone else having a hack installed. Of course we added our own twist with some fun little extra's to spice the event up for you.

    Make sure you join TeamSpeak to have the complete experience!

    We hope to see you there.

    - Eagle & Ben

    Copy&Paste section:




    Please, test that you are able to connect to the server before the event.
    In case of problems, be sure, that you have run ET as the administrator first.


    No actual hacks will be presented to you. The simulation will be done completely server-side so no rules will be broken. We do not encourage hacking in any kind or form.

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    Teamspeak 3 move

    By MiniMuppet,



    Teamspeak 3 server updated to new IP address:





    Please let us know if any permissions are not correct.

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    Server move

    By MiniMuppet,

    The etpub nodownload server will be moving IP tomorrow 

    New IP

    You can still connect using etpub.teammuppet.com or nd.teammuppet.com

    If you connect to the old ip you will be redirected to new server.

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    Infected Event

    By Fr3ak,


    The next event that we have is a Infected Event!

    Server IP -

    Date - Saturday 30th April

    Time - 19:00GMT (UK time)

    Also join us on TeamSpeak to make the event more fun, Lets include some 'alcohol' in there too? :P 

    Teamspeak IP -

    Hope to see You all there on the night! 

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