Jap Map Event Giveaway! (Free steam game inside)

    By miraro3,



    One of the maps that is running on the Jap Map Event server is called "Iraira". To complete the map you have to make it to the end of the parcour without touching the walls.

    During the event I challenged everybody to try and complete the map. The first person who would be able to do it would receive a prize prize from me.

    Verydead has since tried to complete the map on his own and he has succeeded!

    There is a command available on the server that is called !changemap, if you do !changemap iraira it will load up this map.

    Hop on the server and try to complete this map while recording a demo. The first person do post that demo here will receive:

    1 random Steam game!

    The game you recieve will be completely random, I will not choose it myself so it can be anything from a fun little game to one of the newer more amazing games.

    Good luck!

    Event: Jap Map Night

    By miraro3,


    Ladies and gentlemen, Europeans and Japanese people, muppets and non muppets, hermaphrodites and asexual beings,

    Let me introduce to you our next event: Jap Map Night!

    On the 27th of August we will treat you with a bunch of maps that were once made or played on a Japanese Wolfenstein Enemy Territory server. If you are a little bit familiar with the Japanese culture you already know that their mind works in weird ways. So, prepare yourself to some maps that can be really fun, but also really strange!

    This idea was orriginally thought up by @peyote when he was still a part of us so thank him for this brilliant idea.

    Aside from the normal objective play on these crazy maps we will also treat you with different game settings to make the night even more challenging and fun at the same time. Expect panzers, knives and much much more!

    Mark the date of the event on your schedules right now and be sure to not forget about it.

    Also, don't forget that we will have an afterparty one week later for those who missed the main event!

    See you there!

    - Eagle & Miraro3

    Tl;dr section:
    Crazy maps from japanese origins, 27/08 & 02/09, 7pm
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    Teamspeak 3 move

    By MiniMuppet,



    Teamspeak 3 server updated to new IP address:





    Please let us know if any permissions are not correct.

    Server move

    By MiniMuppet,

    The etpub nodownload server will be moving IP tomorrow 

    New IP

    You can still connect using etpub.teammuppet.com or nd.teammuppet.com

    If you connect to the old ip you will be redirected to new server.

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